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GIANT Wall Rack 2.0 - 3X Series

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GIANT Wall Rack 2.0 - 3X Series

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Pros & Cons


• Height Adjustable – Can accommodate different user heights

• Durable – Constructed with steel for strength and stability

• Multi-functional – Can perform dip, pull up, chin up, and muscle up exercises

• Variety of Handles – Variety of handles offering different grips to suit individual preferences

• Versatile – Can be used for both commercial and home applications

• Portable – Can be moved around due to its lighter weight


• Limited Weight Capacity – Has a lower weight capacity of 350lbs

• Requires Wall Installation – Cannot be moved to different locations without re-installation

• Price – Product is on the higher end of its respective price range

Who Should Buy


Why Buy:

• Versatility – The Giant Wall Rack 2.0 can be used with training bands, gymnastic rings, battle ropes, and other related equipment.

• Small Footprint – The Rack takes up a minimal amount of space compared to other home gym equipment and can be easily mounted or dismounted in minutes.

• Durability – The Rack 2.0 is constructed of a heavy-gauge steel that can handle up to 350 lbs. of force.

• Cost – The product is very reasonably priced compared to other home gym equipment.

Why Not Buy:

• Lack of Equipment – The Rack does not come with any training equipment which means the customer must purchase them separately.

• Limited Use – The Rack is not suitable for all types of exercises, such as free-weight lifting.

• Installation – Installation may require additional tools and labor depending on the piece of equipment being used.


- Heavy-duty 11-gauge steel construction

- Holds up to 1000 lbs

- EVOLVE-R 3X J-Cups and spotter arms for safety

- Unparalleled adjustability of 20 various levels

- Frame mounting system for ultimate stability

- Double gusseted uprights for added reinforcement

- Magentic number strip for easy and fast location identification

- Quick-release pull pin adjustment system with laser cuts depth adjusters

- Includes accessories for wall plates, weight horns, and pull-up bars

Giant Lifting GIANT Wall Rack 2.0 - 3X SeriesProduct 1Product 2Product 3
Frame--3x3 11 gauge steel uprights--All steel construction--Heavy duty steel construction--High gauge steel construction
Weight Capacity--800 lb. Total Weight Capacity--800 lb Weight Capacity--1000 lb Weight Capacity--1500 lb Weight Capacity
Color--Black Powder Coat Finish--Matte Black Finish--Silver and Black Color--Silver Finish
Dimensions--63" L x 54" W x 63" H--64.75" L x 61" W x 81.5" H--70" L x 28.25" W x 84.75" H--74" L x 63.5" W x 83.25" H

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