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GIANT Mini Bands Set w/ Bag

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GIANT Mini Bands Set w/ Bag


Pros & Cons


• Durable

• Lightweight and Portable

• Economicallypriced

• Variety of resistance levels

• Can target a wide range of muscles

• Easy to use


• Not as effective for some exercises as heavier weights

• More difficult to master exercises efficiently than using heavier weights

• Limited range of exercises

• Expensive for the higher level of resistance

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

• Lightweight and portable, ideal for working out on the go

• Target and strengthen smaller muscles that are often neglected in weight training

• Cost effective compared to traditional weight and exercise equipment

• Uses resistance bands and mini loop bands for a full-body workout on-the-go

Should Not Buy:

• Not suitable for heavy weightlifting or exercises requiring heavy weights

• Not suited for very strenuous exercises that require a large range of motion

• Needs to be customized for individual use, which not all people are willing to do

• Bands need to be frequently replaced, making it a not very cost-effective workout option in the long run


-Size: 4 sizes (Mini, Light, Meduim & Heavy) in a single bag

-Material: Heavy-duty Pro Grade Natural Latex Rubber

-Resistance: 5-35 lbs

-Length: 41" - 46"

-Width: 7.5"

-Colour: Orange, Green, Purple, Blue

Heavy Duty2”Bodyweight Exercises
Durable2”Pilates & Yoga Exercises
Heavy Duty2”Weight Training
Premium Quality2”CrossFit & Stretching
Extra Durable2”Fitness & Strength