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The Curler

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The Curler

The Curler from Gungnir of Norway is a precision engineered exercise and rehabilitation tool. Constructed with a heavy-duty ergonomic handle and a stainless steel weighted drum, the Curler is designed to provide an optimal range of motion and improve mobility, strength, flexibility and endurance. The unique elliptical shape of the drum creates a rolling motion motion which targets muscles in the core, shoulders and upper body without putting unnecessary strain on joints and ligaments. The Curler features easy-to-grip handles and a handle lock safety feature which prevents the Curler from rolling away from the user when in use. The Curler comes with a carrying bag for easy transport and storage. The Curler is waterproof for worry free use in wet environments making it perfect for use in a swimming pool. The Curler is a great tool for any athlete looking to increase their flexibility, strength, and performance. It can also be used for rehabilitation purposes as it allows for a low-impact, safe way to exercise. The rolling motion of the Curler targets a wide range of muscles in the body safely, giving users a full body workout. The Curler is an essential piece of exercise equipment for any fitness enthusiast.



Pros & Cons


• Easy to use

• Variety of settings to choose from

• Lightweight for easy portability

• Attractive design


• Potential for hair breakage

• Limited range of curling options

• May be difficult to use for inexperienced users

• Relatively expensive

Who Should Buy

-Should Buy:

• Those looking for a high-quality curler that won't damage their hair

• Consumers who have straight or wavy hair and want to add lots of body and texture

• Those seeking an easy-to-use product with an ergonomic design

-Should Not Buy:

• Consumers whose hair is already naturally curly

• Those looking for a low-cost curling tool for occasional use


• Measures 20.7 inches high and 12.2 inches wide

• Reaches up to 455 degrees Fahrenheit and minimum of 212 degrees Fahrenheit

• Three timer settings: 8, 10, and 12 seconds

• 360-degree rotating cord to avoid tangling

• Tourmaline-infused ceramic for easy styling and healthy shine

• LCD digital display for clear temperature reading

• Auto shut-off safety feature

ProductWeightPriceDistance (From Gungnir)
Avenger SS167g$20Same Distance
Axis Undertow168g$201g Heavier
Barracuda166g$182g Lighter
Voodoo170g$193g Heavier

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