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Profile® ONE Spotter Arms (Pair)

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Profile® ONE Spotter Arms (Pair)

PRx Performance's 2x3 Spotter Arms Pair is the perfect way to add extra weight plates to your existing power rack or workout system. The sleek and stylish design of the box steel and black finish make this a fashionable addition to any home or commercial gym. This spotter arms pair allows you to add resistance to barbell exercises without having to purchase a larger power rack. The extended reach of the arms allows more clearance with the weight plates, and the reinforced milled steel construction provides superior strength and durability to hold up to heavy lifting sessions. With over 900lbs of support, this spotter arms pair is ideal for maximal lifts. The two arms come with two sets of j-hooks, along with two adjustable safety arms and four racking pins, allowing the user to safely and conveniently store their plates and safely get out of their rack when needed. This set is designed to be compatible with 1" and 2" hole patterns, guaranteeing versatility and wide compatibility with various racks.



Pros & Cons


• Fully adjustable spotter arms for power rack or rig

• Made from original PRX Performance steel

• Powder-coated finish for superior durability

• Easy to install and adjust

• Allows for more flexible spotting options

• Built-in safety pins for optimal safety

• Can be used with any sized Olympic barbell


• More expensive than alternative spotter arms

• Limited to 2x3 dimensions

• Not suitable for some rack or rigs

Who Should Buy


Reasons to Buy:

• Durable construction and quality materials

• Variety of colors to choose from

• Two adjustable height spotter arms

• Ergonomic design with comfortable handles

Reasons Not to Buy:

• Expensive price tag

• May not be suitable for certain types of exercises

• Doesn't come with weights or other items needed for a complete home gym setup


• Spotter arms are designed for use with PRx Profile racks and rigs

• Locking knobs and UHMW plastic lining provide a secure grip

• Arms can be placed in multiple positions along the rack

• Bolts are included for easy installation

• Dimensions: 30" (L) x 2 3/4" (W)

• Weight Capacity: 600 lbs. each

• Steel construction

• Color: Black

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