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Profile® PRO Dip Station

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Profile® PRO Dip Station

The 3x3 Dip Station Attachment from PRx Performance is a sturdy and versatile training equipment that allows for the performance of multiple exercises. Constructed of high-grade steel and featuring a black powder-coated finish, this attachment is designed to support up to 500 lbs and is designed to fit the PRx Profile Folding Squat Rack. It allows users to perform exercises such as triceps and chest dips, station pull-ups, leg tucks and more. The attachment features pull-up handles that are angled inwards for a more comfortable grip when performing dips. The Dip Station Attachment features angled front support bars to make getting in and out of the dip station safer. It includes two stabilizer brackets that attach the unit to the PRx Profile Folding Squat Rack. It also comes with an adjustable bracket system, which allows users to customize their dip station height. The 3x3 Dip Station Attachment is ideal for home and commercial use as it fits both standard and custom racks. Combine this attachment with other workout equipment from PRx to create a customized multi-purpose gym station.

  • Dip Station + Storage Bundle

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  • Dip Station Attachment Only

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Pros & Cons


• Single piece of equipment is easily added to PRX Performance pull-up rig

• Can be used for multiple different exercises

• High quality and durable steel Construction

• Bolts into surface for extra security

• Human body engineering design provides enhanced comfort

• Easy to install and use

• Comes with a warranty


• Not as much variety of exercises as compared to some other stands and systems

• Not suitable for power building-focused exercises

• Not stackable, so more storage space is needed

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy

• People who are looking to add a dip station to their home gym setup

• People who want to mix up their workout routines and need a way to do bodyweight exercises

Who Should Not Buy

• People who are looking for a complete home gym and don't already have equipment

• People who don't have any use for a dip station or don't plan to do bodyweight exercises


-41.5" W x 43.25" L x 22.5" H

-Supports body weight up to 400lbs

-Material: 6063-T6 Aluminum Extrusion

-Safety Lock Collars

-Stainless Steel Hardware

-6” x 6” Mounting Plate

-Self-locking, Securing Bolts

-Ground Bar and Slider Barrels

-1” Coated Metal Bar

-Included Wall Mounting Braces

-5 Year Warranty

Pro Dip StationSimilar Product #1Similar Product #2
850 lbs500 lbs450 lbs
45 lbs50 lbs8.8 lbs

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