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Abmat™ Preacher Pad

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Abmat™ Preacher Pad

The Avington AbMat Preacher Pad from PRx Performance is an easy-to-use workout accessory that provides improved stabilization for bicep and triceps concentration curls, providing more precise technique and more effectively targeting specific muscles for maximum gains. The unique design of this pad allows you to use any standard Olympic or plate-loaded barbell to perform seated bicep and triceps exercises that place more focus on the target muscle group. The heavy-duty rubber construction ensures that the Preacher Pad is built to last, while the adjustable height design ensures that you get the correct fit for any user. This product comes with an easy assembly guide and all necessary tools, making setup fast and easy. It also comes with an adjustable angle so that you can customize your workout based on your needs. The Preacher Pad is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to enhance their muscle mass, strength, and control during workouts.



Pros & Cons


• Easy to store and transport as it is light and easily folded

• Durable metal Construction with rubber guard to protect surfaces from scratches

• Can be used with a variety of machines to work the upper and lower body

• Helps to promote proper form and increase peak performance when used with weight machines

• Enhances resistance training exercises for improved results


• May be too large for smaller individuals

• Could be a little more expensive than other options

• Some users report the seat being not comfortable enough

Who Should Buy

Anyone looking to improve their weight lifting form and comfort and target their bicep muscles should seriously consider purchasing this AbMat Preacher Pad. This product is great for athletes, weightlifters, and workout enthusiasts of all kinds.

Individuals who exercise casually and do not specifically target the bicep muscles should not buy this product.


• 4” thick high density EVA foam padding

• Non-skid base to keep the pad secure while in use

• Nylon reinforced fabric cover

• 15.5” wide x 14” tall x 4” thick

• Supports and comfortably cushions the elbows during preacher curls

Product NamePriceSize (inches)DurabilityComfort
PRx Performance Abmat™$29.9927 x 18 x 3HighHigh
Element Fitness Ab Pad$29.9525.5 x 18.25MediumMedium
Mava Sports Ab Mat$16.9926.2 x 17.9HighHigh
ProsourceFit Ab Mat$24.9927.2 x 14.2MediumHigh
Fit Viva Ab Mat$19.9526.8 x 11.8HighMedium

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