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Build Limitless® Landmine

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Build Limitless® Landmine

The Build Limitless Landmine Attachment from PRX Performance is a functional trainer attachment that provides unlimited exercises that can be adapted to any gym. The attachment uses a unique, patented design to help users save time and space while also providing additional support. The attachment can be attached to any power rack or heavy bag and includes 360 degrees of versatile and secure attachment points. The swivel steel collar ensures that the attachment stays in place and offers support and stability. The Build Limitless Landmine Attachment is made with a strong and durable steel construction. Its powder-coated finish can resist rusting and other damage, making it a great tool for longer-term use. In addition, it is designed with a non-slip grip, offering users a secure hold as they use the attachment. The attachment has been tested to exceed 1,000lbs of weight and has a rounded end for modern Olympic lifting. This makes it an ideal tool for a variety of fitness enthusiasts. Additionally, its wide range of accessories, such as handles, slings, chains, ropes, bands, and more, make it an excellent tool for building strength, stability, and endurance. Overall, the Build Limitless Landmine Attachment is a great tool for efficient and versatile workouts. Its unique and sturdy design makes it an ideal tool for gym owners and athletes.


Pros & Cons


• Efficient and versatile home gym exercise system

• Allows for the use of multiple grips and angles

• Attaches easily to wall or power rack

• Heavy duty Construction

• Can be used for explosive bent row, standing rotation, and rotational lunges


• Requires a power rack or wall for attachment

• May not be suitable for some users due to size restrictions

• Limited compatibility with existing weight stacks or landmine systems

Who Should Buy


Why You Should Buy this Home Gym Product:

• It can perform squatting, pressing, deadlifting, rows, curls and sprints.

• It is compatible with all standard Olympic bars and has a standard Olympic plates sleeve.

• It is constructed with heavy-duty steel for maximum durability.

• The quick-release lever makes it easy to install and detach.

• It includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Why You Should Not Buy this Home Gym Product:

• It requires an Olympic bar and Olympic plates, which you may not already have.

• Its design may not be suitable for all types of workouts.

• It may not work as well with commercial grade barbells.

• The price is relatively high compared to other home gym products.


- Six different training angles

- Made of 11 gauge laser-cut steel

- Weight limit of 400 lbs

- Occupies only 4 square feet of floor space

- Powder-coated finish for long-lasting durability

- Includes adjustable anchoring system to secure the landmine to any floor or wall surface

- Includes two heavy-duty carabiners and one Landmine Handle

- Rubber feet to protect your home gym flooring

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Total # of Exercises7
Can be used with multiple users3 to 4
Multiple resistance levelsYes
Cost$139.95Between $139.95 – $250.00

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