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Build Limitless® Spotter Arms

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Build Limitless® Spotter Arms

The Build Limitless Spotter Arms from PRx Performance offer stability and powerlifting support for heavy lifts. The spotters are built with heavy-duty steel framework and feature an adjustable safety lever that allows users to customize the depth of their lift. The spotters can be used with various types of bench press style lifts, allowing users to increase the weight of their lifts safely and effectively. The spotters are perfect for both beginner and advanced heavy lifters who are looking for a safe way to increase the weight of their lifts and have the confidence to push their limits. The spotters come with adjustable safety pins that allow users to customize the depth and weight of their lifts. These pins can be adjusted to the desired depth and then tightened with a wrench to ensure that the spotters will remain in place. This allows users to tailor their training to their own needs and progress as needed. The spotters also feature a powder coating, which provides additional protection against rust, wear, and tear. The spotters have a 1”x2” base with 3/8” solid steel construction. This construction is both reliable and robust – perfect for safeguarding heavy lifts. The spotters can handle up to 1000 pounds of weight and are precision drilled for even weight distribution. The spotters can also be used in conjunction with band pegs, allowing users to use bands for various types of special lifts. Overall, the Build Limitless Spotter Arms from PRx Performance are a perfect addition to any serious lifter’s home gym. With adjustable safety pins and a reliable steel construction, these spotters provide a safe and effective way to increase the weight of your lifts. Perfect for both beginner and advanced lifters, the spotters are an invaluable piece of equipment to have in your gym.



Pros & Cons


• Heavy-duty, industrial-grade Construction.

• Adjustable width allows for versatility in the rack and a wide range of equipment.

• Compact and easy to install.

• Heavy-duty spotter arms help ensure safety when performing complex lifts.

• Powder-coated in many available colors.


• Only suitable for racks manufactured by PRxPerformance.

• Price may be too high for some buyers.

• Arms are only adjustable in length and width, not in angle.

Who Should Buy


Who should buy this product:

- Athletes and weightlifting enthusiasts who have busy schedules and don't have the resources or free time to join a gym

- Individuals who are looking for an alternative to traditional gym equipment

- Those who are willing to take advantage of the versatility of this product

Who should not buy this product:

- Those who are looking for the full range of gym equipment

- Those who are expecting to see quick results from minimal effort

- Those who are unwilling to put in the work required to properly use the product


-Laser cut 11-gauge steel arms and secure brackets

-Full range of motion - Arms extend 45”

-200 max weight capacity

-Chrome height adjustments every 1/2"

-Rock solid cam lock technology

-Compatible with many PRx Performance Racks including V2 and T-3 Series

-Full color touch points

-Industrial black powder coating & zinc coating

Product NameManufacturerPriceMaterialAdjustabilityWeight Capacity
PRx Performance Build Limitless® Spotter ArmsPRx Performance$299.00Steel6-position adjustment1000 lbs
TDS Power Rack Pin & Pipe Spotter ArmsTDS Fitness Equipment$89.00Steel4-position adjustment500 lbs
Deltech Fitness Spotter Arms and CrossbarDeltech Fitness$119.00Steel9-position adjustment1000 lbs
Titan Fitness Adjustable Spotter ArmsTitan Fitness$79.99Steel4-position adjustment500 lbs

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