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Couple's Prime Package

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Couple's Prime Package

The Couple's Prime Package by PRX Performance is an all-in-one home gym solution tailored to the needs of couples. The package includes two Olympic Barbell bars, two sets of colored rubberized plates, and four steel safety spot pins. The bars are made of hardened and temper steel to ensure strength and durability. The ergonomic knurling structure on the handles allows for a secure grip and provides superior stability for lifting, bending, or flexing muscles. The plates are coated with a colored rubberized material to protect the floor from wear and tear and make cleaning the equipment a breeze. The steel safety spot pins act as a spotter to help prevent injuries and keep your workouts safe. The package also includes a functional training wall anchor system, which can be used to add variety to your workouts and help build a stronger and more balanced foundation for your fitness journey. Whether you're just starting out or you've been working out for years, this package offers everything you and your partner need to stay healthy and strong.



Pros & Cons


• Comes with high quality, long lasting components

• Includes specialized toolsets for easy installation

-Solid Construction for maximum strength and stability

• Lightweight so won't add extra stress on your vehicle

• Highly adjustable suspension for a custom fit

• Lower center of gravity for improved handling


• Might be too complex for novice mechanics

• Relatively expensive

• Installation can be time-consuming

• Not suitable for certain vehicles

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

- Looking for an upgrade to existing suspension

- Wanting a completely customized set-up

- Prefer to trust an experienced professional for suspension set-up

Should Not Buy:

- Not interested in a specific set-up or customization

- Lack the financial resources to purchase a specialized package

- Have no experience with suspension set-up or tear down


• Price: $10.99 per month

• Easy & secure setup

• Unlimited private messages

• No Ads

• Free Calling & Video

• Unlimited music streaming

• Shared calendar & to-do list

• Library of vetted resources for couples

ProductMaximum Weight CapacityCable SystemHeight Adjustable BarbellChin Up BarWeight Storage
PRx Performance Couple's Prime Package2,400 lbsCompetition-Grade Cable SystemYes36” Multi-GripOn the rack
Rogue Monster Lite MB-23302,500 lbs2x200 lb. Rogue Monster LiteYes36” Monster LiteUp Right backside
Ironmaster Quick-lock 75 lb750 lbsCable Pulley SystemYesN/AOn the rack
Valor Fitness BF-23DLB2,000 lbs82.5” Cable systemYes30” Thin-GripTapered backside

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