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GRIND Alpha2000 J-Cup (Pair)

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GRIND Alpha2000 J-Cup (Pair)

The Grind Alpha 2000 J-Cup pair from PRx Performance is a unique design, ideal for anyone looking to work out at home or in a commercial setting. The J-Cup is a revolutionary design which looks like a “J” and helps keep the different weights in the right position so the user can find the perfect fit. The cups hold Olympic Style plates and provide a very stable rack design which takes up minimal space. The frame is made from 11-gauge steel with a black powder coat finish. The powder coat finish helps to prevent wear and tear from use and makes it easier to clean. The entire frame can support up to 2000 pounds, making it suitable for almost any workout. The J-Cup design ensures the plates won’t move during use, allowing for safer and more efficient workouts. The overall design also allows for easy transport and storage, making it great for home gyms or commercial gyms that need to be able to move the rack quickly. The Grind Alpha 2000 J-Cup pair is a great choice for anyone looking to maximize their training, while minimizing space and cost.



Pros & Cons


• Highly durable and built to last a long time

• Made with strong steel material that is stable and reliable

• Anti-slip grips help keep your squat comfortable and secure

• J cup attachment allows for more stability while lifting

• Contoured shape designed for comfort when squatting


• Expensive compared to similar products on the market

• Heavy Duty design makes it difficult for transportation and storage

• Lack of additional attachments & accessories for versatility

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

-People that want to work out at home and have the space for it

-People that want to save money on gym memberships by building their own home gym

-People that need the features that the Grind Alpha2000 J Cup Pair offers

Who Should Not Buy:

-People that do not have the space for a home gym

-People that will not take the time to use the product

-People that cannot afford a premium product


-Max load capacity of 750lbs per J-Cup

-Variety of 12 predefined heights and spacings

-Gap for standard Olympic & specialty bars

-One handle and one short handle for added stability

-Hole pattern to match standard wall studs and drop-in pin attachments

-Vinyl coated pocketed grips

-Preferred mounting surface is wood

-Made with extra thick, 11-gauge steel

-Built-in safety stops for smooth operation

-Powder coated in the highest quality gloss black finish

ProductWeight CapacityAdjustable HeightCushioning
PRx Performance GRIND Alpha2000 J-Cup (Pair)2000 lb.AdjustableCushioned Saddle
Watson Pro Squat Rack1000 lb.AdjustableNo Cushioning
Hybridamics SquatRack Pro1300 lb.Not AdjustableNo Cushioning
HulkFit Adjustable Squat Rack700 lb.AdjustableNo Cushioning

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