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Iron Warrior Kettlebells - Garage Sale

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Iron Warrior Kettlebells - Garage Sale

The Iron Warrior Kettlebells Garage Sale from PRx Performance offers an intense and effective workout from the comfort and convenience of your own home. This high-end kettlebell is designed for those who push themselves to the limit and need the toughest gear around to help them reach their full potential. Built for extreme performance, this product is constructed from machined steel with a powder coated finish so it's both durable and aesthetically pleasing. The handle is also crafted with a special process that makes it super comfortable and grippy so you can maximize your results. The ergonomic bell shape design is slightly wider than most other kettlebells, which allows you to use many different exercises and training methods. Each kettlebell is precision weighted and is 12.5 pounds in women's variation and 17.6 pounds in the men's option. This makes them perfect for the experienced athlete and beginner alike. The Iron Warrior Kettlebells Garage Sale is available in a set of 4 that includes 1 of each size and is sure to help you reach your goals faster.

  • 53lb/24kg

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  • 44lb/20kg

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  • 35lb/16kg

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Pros & Cons


• Made of iron for durability

• Sophisticated, stylish design

• Handle and easy-off plate makes it easy to switch weights

• Flat bottom allows it to stand on its own without tipping

• Durable powder coating

• Athletic-style rubber coating on the handle for a secure grip

• Three sizes for any level of athlete

• Affordable option compared to other products


• Weights must be purchased separately

• Only available in three different sizes

• Handle may not be comfortable for everyone

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

-Affordable price

-Compact design for easy storage

-Wide variety of color options

-Various weight range available

Should Not Buy:

-High-level athletes may require more specialized equipment

-If the buyer is new to kettlebell training, this may be too light of a weight range for them

-Those living in small apartments where space is limited may not have enough room to store the equipment


-Comes as a set of 8 kettlebells-ranging from 5lbs to 40lbs in 5lb increments

-Material: durable solid cast iron

-Ergonomic handle with neoprene knurl coating for enhanced grip and comfort

-Great for a range of exercises, such as swings, squats, presses, deadlifts, and more

-Flat base helps maintain stability during workouts

ProductDimensionsWeightHandle Diameter
PRx Performance Iron Warrior Kettlebells - Garage Sale7" x 7" x 12"25 LBS2"
Stage 1 Fitness Kettlebell8" x 8" x 11"30 LBS2-1/4"
RAGE Kettlebells7.7" x 7.7" x 12.6"35 LBS2.2"
Kettlebell Kings Hand Cast Iron Kettlebell8" x 8" x 11"30 LBS1.9" - 2"
CAP Barbell Cast Iron Kettlebell8.9" x 8.9" x 11.9"30 LBS1.5"

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