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PRx Men's Cerakote Olympic Bar

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PRx Men's Cerakote Olympic Bar

The Men's Cerakote Olympic Bar from PRX Performance is a top-of-the-line Olympic bar designed to meet the needs of professional weightlifters and other strength athletes. It is constructed from a high-quality steel alloy and features a Cerakote finish which provides superior resistance to surface scratches, scuffs, and slips. The bar has a maximum weight limit of 200kg and its 50mm diameter has high tensile strength andrigidity for safe, heavy-duty use. It also features two needle bearings for an incredibly smooth and durable feel. The light knurling pattern to provide good grip without the need for gloves and its chrome end caps ensure that the bar remains balanced when not in use. Finally, the bar is finished with a signature Cerakote Olympic design to provide a unique and stylish look.

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Pros & Cons


• High-quality Olympic bar made with premium Cerakote steel

• Ultimate protection against rust and corrosion

• Manufactured to exacting specifications

• Knurling provides superior grip for additional performance

• Made to provide reliable performance for tough training sessions

• Comes with center hole to securely attach your bumper plates


• Higher cost than more conventional Olympic bars

• Weight limit of 200kgs for the active knurling

• Smaller diameter sleeves than most Olympic bars

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• High quality and durable construction

• Cerakote finish increases rust resistance

• Olympic-sized bar with aggressive knurling

• Features stainless steel sleeves

• Multi-purpose bar can be used for squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and more

Should Not Buy:

• Expensive

• May be too long for some workout spaces

• Not suitable for CrossFit WODs


- Weight: 44 lbs

- Length: 86.5"

- Shaft Diameter: 28.5mm

- Knurling: Dual IWF Type

- Sleeve Assembly: Friction welded

- Steel: German HD

- Tensile Strength: 205,000 PSI

- Bar Finish: Cerakote

- Bushing System: Dynamic Needle Bearing

- Whip: High

- Load Rating: 1,500 lbs

- Warranty: Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty

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