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Profile® Bench Wall Locking System

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Profile® Bench Wall Locking System

The Profile Bench Wall Locking System from PRX Performance is an innovative, aesthetically pleasing way to store and secure weight plates in a home gym or commercial fitness facility. This wall-mounted rack is engineered to blend in with any space, featuring sleek lines and a modern look. The wall locking system for Olympic size plates can hold up to (5) 45 lb. plates per side, with each plate clearly visible, helping you to quickly add or take away weight as needed. Compared to standard storage options, the Profile Bench Wall Locking System is easier to install and more space efficient. It comes with the necessary installation hardware and instructions, making setup a breeze. The track of the rack holds up to 12 Olympic plates, and requires an average of only 24" of wall space, saving you valuable floor space to use for other equipment or your workout area. The Profile Bench Wall Locking System is constructed from high-grade, heavy-duty steel for durability, and utilizes a unique locking mechanism to keep weight plates secure. The system also includes a second bar for additional storage space for smaller or lighter items. For versatility, the rack is adjustable, so you can easily store different size plates or different items. Overall, the Profile Bench Wall Locking System from PRX Performance is an excellent option for securely and efficiently storing Olympic plates in your home gym or commercial fitness facility. The innovative design, durable construction and thoughtful features make it easy to keep items organized and save valuable space.


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Pros & Cons


• Sleek design

• Space saving

• Easy to install

• Adjustable height to fit any space

• Durable powder coated finish

• Can be mounted to a wall or floor

• Locking mechanism for safety

• Supports up to 400 lbs with its steel build


• Price is higher than some other benches

• Not suitable for large gyms or commercial use

• Maximum length of 78.5 inches, may not be long enough for certain spaces

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

- Those looking for a reliable and durable bench locking system

- Users needing a rack that can be used in a customized setting with multiple angles

- Individuals who have limited space but need to store multiple flat benches

Who Should Not Buy:

- Those looking for a quick-release bench locking system

- Those needing to store heavy equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, etc.

- Those who have large space but need to store multiple benches in a fixed angle


- Adjustable Angle: Set seating angle from flat to an adjustable 8, 10, 12, 15-degree or greater incline.

- Easy to Move: Easily move the bench in and out of place for different movements

- Wall Mount: Wall mounts to studs and anchors to nearly any wall (maximum 250lbs).

- Safety Straps: Comes with reinforced straps that lock down safely to the wall.

- Patented Design: Patented design allows for quick and easy conversion of Movement to Bench or Back Rack.

- Weight Capacity: Weight capacity of up to 500lbs.

- Compact Design: Compact designed hold up to 15” from the wall when folded in.

-High Quality Construction: Heavy-duty welded steel construction with a painted finish.

-Easy Assembly: Comes with assembly instructions for a quick and easy install.

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