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PRx Profile® Landmine Retainer Only

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PRx Profile® Landmine Retainer Only

The Profile Landmine Retainer from PRX Performance is an innovative and versatile equipment attachment that easily secures the handle of your landmine core exercise equipment. This retainer is made for use with 35mm Olympic bars, resisting extreme forces and providing the stability needed for weightlifting exercises such as deadlifts, shoulder shrugs and Russian twists, allowing for a safe, effective workout. The retainer is constructed from high strength, heavy-duty steel and features a chrome finish for optimal durability and rust resistance. It has rounded edges for a smooth and pleasant feel, while the center core is designed to ensure an ideal fit and grip with Olympic bars. It is simple to install and onto our landmine base, after which you can quickly and easily insert and remove your barbell. This retainer is designed to reduce scattering of the plates when loading and unloading, making the entire process of weightlifting safer and easier. The Profile Landmine Retainer from PRX Performance is a must-have for any serious lifter or fitness enthusiast, providing them with a secure and reliable piece of equipment that should last the test of time.


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Pros & Cons


• Smooth steel for easy use

• Compatible with all Olympic barbells

• Durable Construction with stable stability

• Can be mounted to the floor for extra stability

• Can rotate 360 degrees for a wide range of exercise options

• Portable design for easy storage and transportation


• May require more setup/assembly than other products

• Not suitable for hardcore powerlifting

• Not an ideal option for beginners to use heavy weights

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Individuals looking to improve performance in specific exercises, such as squats, deadlifts, and rows

• Strength and conditioning coaches looking for a versatile piece of equipment

• Athletes looking to add variation to their weight-lifting routines

Who Should Not Buy:

• Individuals who have limited space and lack large storage areas

• People without strong prior training experience

• Individuals who can only work out with standard Olympic equipment


-Securely attaches to 2"x3" tubing

-Compatible with PRx Profile® Racks, Benches, and Stands

-Top-of-the-line, coated steel construction for superior strength and durability

-Integrated lock-in pin for lighter, safer options

-Easy-to-Use Design, great for any home gym

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Fits Standard 1” and 2” BarbellsFits Standard 1” BarbellsFits Standard 2” BarbellsFits Standard 3” Barbells
Compatible with any 1” and 2” Landmine AttachmentCompatible with any 1” Landmine AttachmentCompatible with any 2” Landmine AttachmentCompatible with any 3” Landmine Attachment
O-Ring Locking MechanismLocking Clamp MechanismPressure Locking MechanismSpring Locking Mechanism
Durable Steel ConstructionLightweight Aluminum ConstructionSturdy Steel ConstructionRugged Plastics Construction

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