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PRx Prowler Sled - Garage Sale

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PRx Prowler Sled - Garage Sale

The Prowler Garage Sale from PRX Performance provides a great solution for organizing gym equipment, including bars, weights, kettle bells, medicine balls, and more. This multi-tier garage storage rack is easy to assemble, and the heavy duty steel construction can accommodate a large selection of equipment without taking up much space in the garage. The rack includes four tiers which are perfect for conveniently storing items and organizing them in a neat and orderly fashion. The rack also boasts steel and UHMW plastic construction for maximum strength, with some parts powder-coated for added durability. The rubber mat on the top shelf of the rack also helps to protect items by providing a cushion and additional stability. The rack also features adjustable leveling feet, allowing it to be level on uneven floors. The rack measures 28.9'' W x 54.6 H x 22.8'' D and can support up to 360 lbs when properly installed. Overall, the Prowler Garage Sale from PRX Performance offers an easy and convenient way to keep all of your gym equipment neatly stored and organized.


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Pros & Cons


• Durability – Constructed with tough, 16-gauge steel and reinforced with robotic welds

• Compact design – Easy to stow and quickly transport

• pull-up bars – Various heights and a custom designed bungee cord that won’t scratch or dent the bar

• swivel locks – Keep the unit securely in place during use

• Cardio-focused – Slim profile and efficient design allows for extra cardio action


• Price – Not an inexpensive item

• Limited number of exercises – Not designed for weight training

• High-impact – Kids, older individuals, and those with joint problems may not be comfortable using this product

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy the Prowler Garage Sale

- Individuals looking to build strength and cardiovascular conditioning

- Athletes seeking a functional strength training option

- Coaches looking for a way to introduce students to a variety of strength training exercises

Who Should Not Buy the Prowler Garage Sale

- Individuals looking for a cardio-only workout

- Anyone with limited space for equipment

- Individuals with mobility issues or physical limitations


- Heavy-duty aluminum-frame construction

- 14" x 28" deck

- 4 x 8" polyurethane swivel casters

- Three-position aluminum push handles

- Adjustable strap kit for adjustable friction

- Ability to add up to four 45lb plates

- Weight capacity up to 416lbs

- Weight of the unit is 70lbs

SledSizePriceWeight CapacityPush Handle Resistance
PRx Performance PRx Prowler Sled46" x 21" x 8"$759.00600 lb. weight limitPush/Pull handles adjustable
TRX All-In-One Suspension Trainer-$199.95-Self-regulated resistance
XMark Commercial Tension Tricep Rope-$27.99-Self-regulated resistance
Steelbody Elevated Pushup Station-$99.99300 lb. weight limitNon-adjustable resistance
Body-Solid SCB3000 Plate-Loaded Hip Sled50" H x 47" L x 34" W$1,299.00800 lb. weight limitNon-adjustable resistance

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