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PRx AbMat™

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PRx AbMat™

The PRx Performance AbMat is an abdominal exerciser designed by fitness professionals to maximize abdominal strength and endurance. This multifunctional piece of equipment is an excellent addition to any home or commercial gym. The AbMat is ideal for building core strength and stability, engaging core muscles more effectively than bodyweight exercises alone. Constructed from high density foam and a durable, non-slip base, the AbMat provides lumbar support by keeping your spine neutral at all times during abdominal exercises. It is designed with a contour shape that helps target different areas of the abdominals and can easily transition from one area to the next. The AbMat provides a possible range of exercises including declines, planks, knee tucks and mountain climbers. This exerciser enables maximal core activation, allowing the athlete to build strength, stability and endurance efficiently. The PRx AbMat is lightweight and portable, making it an ideal choice for athletes who are on the go. Its small size allows the exerciser to fit into most gym bags, making it a convenient and accessible piece of equipment. Its anti-slip base and foam construction also adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring your ab and back work is as safe as possible. Whether it's in your home, studio, or gym, the PRx Performance AbMat is an invaluable tool for building core strength and stability. The AbMat is durable, portable, and provides optimal abdominal activation for all fitness levels.


Pros & Cons


• Activates core muscles for increased strength and stability

• Lightweight and portable design

• Multiple grip designs for a variety of exercise movements

- Dual-layer foam Construction for cushion comfort

• Convenient hanging loops for easy storage


• Bulky size can be an issue if space is limited

• Pricey compared to other ab mats on the market

• More difficult to use with heavier body weights/weights

Who Should Buy


Benefits for Who Should Buy:

● Safely strengthens your core muscles

● Portable and easy to transport

● Soft, comfortable foam material

● Easy to clean and maintain

● Great value for money

Benefits for Who Should Not Buy:

● Not suitable for complex exercises

● Too small to perform sit-ups comfortably

● Not adjustable to different heights


- Heavy duty reinforced construction

- Cushioned for comfort

- Slip-resistant to stay in place

- Ergonomic design to keep your body in a natural position

- 24.5" x 12" x 1.5" (62.2 cm x 30.5 cm x 3.8 cm)

- Portable and lightweight

ProductSizesupportMaterials DescriptionPrice
PRx Performance PRx AbMat™17" L x 12" W x 1" HFull body supportHigh density foam with waterproof PVC cover$44.95
Firebelly Outfitters Ab Mat13.75" x 16.75" x 1"Full-body supportDeadlift padding with durable vinyl cover$39.95
Core Shop Pro Ab Mat15.7" x 19.5" x 1.3"Full-body supportDurable yet soft foam with a high-end leather cover$49.99
Valor Fitness ABpad13"L x 16"W x 2"HFull-body supportPremium PU leather with high density foam and reinforced seams$49.95

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