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PRx Battle Rope Anchor

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PRx Battle Rope Anchor

-kit The PRX Performance Battle Rope Anchor Kit provides users with a safe and secure way to anchor battle ropes for a full-body workout. This kit contains everything needed to safely and securely anchor battle ropes up to 1.5” in diameter, including heavy-duty wall or ceiling mounts and a 6’ ratcheting strap with buckle. The combination of easy-to-install components and quality materials provides a secure and reliable anchoring system for users of all skill levels. Constructed from heavy-duty steel, the wall or ceiling mounts provide a stable and secure anchor that can support up to 1,500 lbs. and resist rusting and corrosion. The strap is crafted from ¾’ polyester webbing and sports a unique ratcheting system that easily and safely secures battle ropes without slippage. This system also includes a heavy-duty buckle and two carabiners for securing to the wall or ceiling mount. The PRX Performance Battle Rope Anchor Kit ensures a safe, secure, and reliable anchor point for battle ropes and high-intensity full-body workouts. With easy-to-install components and heavy-duty construction, this kit is perfect for users of all skill levels.


Pros & Cons


• The anchor is easy to install, requiring minimal setup

• The anchor is designed with the highest quality material for a sturdy and secure fit

• The anchor is adjustable to accommodate ropes of different lengths

•The anchor is Constructed with a powder-coated finish to reduce slips and debris buildup

• The anchor is suitable for commercial and residential use


• The anchor is slightly higher in price compared to competitors

• The anchor is not suitable for outdoors use

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy

• Those who want to anchor battle ropes securely to a wall, beam or other structure.

• Those who need a way to anchor their battle ropes that is secure and won’t damage the wall or other structure.

Who Should Not Buy

• Those looking for a way to anchor battle ropes to a floor, as this product only works on walls, beams, and other structures.

• Those looking for a way to anchor battle ropes without drilling into the wall or other structure, as this product requires drilling.


-Constructed of durable powder coated steel

-Made to safely anchor 1.5 and 2 inch diameter battle ropes

-Stands 8.25” from wall when installed

-Mounts to wall with 4 – 1/4” lag bolts (included)

-Can be used for wall or ceiling anchors with appropriate toggle bolts

-Easy to install

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Weight2 lbs2.4 lbs2.5 lbs
Installation locationDoor, Pole, Wall, or CeilingWall or CeilingDoor, Pole, Wall, or Ceiling
Anchoring optionsAny size ropeOnly 3/4" ropeAny size rope
Frame TypeSteelSteel + PlasticSteel + Aluminum
Maximum Weight Capacity500 lbs250 lbs500 lbs
Included FixatorThreaded stud for wall anchorsPlastic screw-on plate & anchorsAluminum T-nut & Washers

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