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PRx Olympic E-Z Curl Bar

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PRx Olympic E-Z Curl Bar

The PRX EZ Curl Bar is an essential piece of equipment for those involved in strength training, bodybuilding, and general sports conditioning. This unique bar facilitates a wide range of full-body exercises, making it an ideal choice for home gyms, professional gyms, and fitness studios. Constructed from high-grade solid steel, the PRX EZ Curl Bar has a reputation for durability. Its black powder-coated finish guarantees corrosion resistance, and its 35-inch length makes it suitable for all body types. The barbell is provide with customizable knurled handgrips for a secure, comfortable grip during exercise. Designed for ideal balance and distribution of weight, the EZ Curl Bar provides a safe, efficient way to perform biceps curls, triceps extensions, arm pressdowns, and other exercises that require multiple muscle groups for execution. The bar also helps to reduce strain on wrists and elbows, which can be especially beneficial for those with joint sensitivity. For proper care and maintenance, the EZ Curl Bar is only to be used with approved weight plates and collars. Regular cleaning with a towel and avoid contact with caustic chemicals is advised. With proper use and maintenance, the PRX EZ Curl Bar will be a reliable component of your fitness routine for many years to come.


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Pros & Cons


- Constructed with solid steel and finished with a durable black oxide

• Ergonomically designed to reduce tendon and ligament damage

• Designed to be used for exercises such as bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder shrugs, and more

• Textured grips on bar provide better gripping area

• Can accommodate any 1 inch plate


• Bar is quite heavy, weighing in at 23 lbs

• This is a single-piece bar and does not break down into smaller pieces for storage

• Bumper plates can be quite costly if you purchased for this bar

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

• More than just a regular barbell – the E-Z Curl Bar is ideal for isolating and targeting bicep, triceps and shoulder muscles with a bent shape and padding

• Lightweight and easy to store

• Constructed from tubular steel with a matt black finish for durability and reliability

• Knurled handle for secure grip

Should Not Buy:

• Limited to working on bicep, tricep and shoulder muscles

• Not adjustable in weight, length or angle and therefore not suitable for heavier lifting


-Solid, quality stainless steel construction

-Weight: 18 lbs

-Accommodates Olympic plates (2” hole)

-Knurled stainless steel grips

-High quality bearing system

-Bar Length: 57”

-Loadable Sleeve Length: 16”

Weight CapacityLengthDurability
700 lbs48 inchesHigh
300 lbs80 inchesHigh
500 pounds72 inchesMedium
400 lbs60 inchesMedium
700 lbs48 InchesHigh

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