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PRx Competition Kettlebell

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PRx Competition Kettlebell

The PRX Kettlebell is designed to be an all-round weight lifting tool for both strength training and conditioning. It features a solid-cast construction and welded handles for extra security and durability. The design of the handles allows for a wide range of easy and comfortable grip positions, allowing for various exercises with different levels of weight resistance. The kettlebell comes in a range of sizes from 5-50 lbs and can be used for swings, squats, get-ups, pushes, pulls, and more. Each kettlebell is made with a heavy-duty, textured powder coat, making it weather and rust resistant and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The PRX Kettlebell comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you peace of mind and a risk-free purchase. With its superior design, strong construction, and versatile uses, the PRX Kettlebell is an excellent addition to any fitness space.

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Pros & Cons


• Durable Construction that won't dent floors

• Variety of size options to choose from

• Available with vinyl weights or commercial grade iron weights

• Non-slip handle for better grip and safety

• Textured powder-coat finish resists sweat and dirt build-up

• Excellent weight balance


• More expensive than some competitors

• Vinyl-covered weights may not last as long as solid iron weights

• Limited weight options in certain sizes

• International shipping may be expensive

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

- Ideal for both professional gym members and at-home gym enthusiasts

- Durable, functional design for a lifetime of safe use

- Shop with confidence knowing PRx Performance stands behind their products

Should Not Buy:

- Not designed for individuals with limited space

- Not for persons who are looking for a basic and inexpensive kettlebell

- Not for persons aiming to lift the heaviest weights possible


• Size: 35 lb. (15 kg)

• Color: black

• Finish: powder-coated

• Handle: extra-large diameter (32mm)

• Grip: designed to increase torque, wrist protection and control that supports you through full ranges of motion

• Durability: premium grade steel for extra-toughness

• Quality Control: each bell inspected for precision, balance and design

ProductWeight RangeHandlesPrice
PRx Performance PRx Competition Kettlebell8-48 lbsYes$109.95
KettlebellKings Pro Competition Kettlebell8-48 lbsYes$139.00
lifefitnesscore Cast Iron Kettlebell11-44 lbsNo$36.50
Yes4All Cast Iron Kettlebell8-44 lbsYes$22.99
JAXJOX KettlebellConnect6-42 lbsYes$399.99

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