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PRx Medicine Ball

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PRx Medicine Ball

The PRX Medicine Ball is an essential piece of workout equipment for improving balance, coordination, and athleticism. Made from durable material and designed to be easy to grip, this ball is perfect for adding a dynamic element to your workout. The 20-pound ball is great for working out with a partner or solo, and its textured surface provides a secure grip for performing throwing, bouncing, and other exercises. This medicine ball is the ideal choice for building balance, power, and strength while training. It is an excellent tool for developing functional movement, challenging your fitness level, and providing an intense and effective full-body workout. This is a great choice for athletes who want an effective and intense workout that will develop their strength, balance, and coordination. This medicine ball can also be used to add extra resistance to your exercises, which adds an extra layer of intensity to your workout. Whether you are a professional athlete or just looking to stay in shape and strengthen your core, the PRX Medicine Ball is an ideal choice.

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Pros & Cons


• Made of durable rubber Construction

• Non-slip rubberized surface

• Textured surface for improved handling

• Can be used in a variety of exercises

• Unfilled design makes it easy to store and transport

• Improve coordination, balance, and power


• More expensive than other medicine balls

• Weight limit of 20 pounds, not applicable for heavier exercises

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

• Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to store and transport

• 20 lbs of adjustable weight makes it great for intense workout sessions

• Can be used for a variety of exercises, including endurance and strength training

• Durable construction with reinforced stitching ensures it won't tear easily

Should Not Buy:

• Not ideal for higher-level athletes who need more resistance

• Expensive price tag might be too steep for some budgets


• 4-ply rubber construction

• Raised rubber shell

• Certified with Certified Dead Bounce

• 8 color choices

• Sizes range from 6 lbs to 30 lbs

ProductWeight Range (lbs)ShapeGrip/Shell
PRx Performance4-20Textured Shell & Soft Tactile GripYes
TITAN FITNESS5-20Textured, Non-Slip ShellNo
CAP BARBELL4-25Soft-Touch, Non-Slip Shell & GripYes
Ader Fitness4-25Durable Leather ShellYes
ProSource Fit1-20Solid, Durable Rubber Shell & GripYes

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