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PRx Olympic Elite Bar

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PRx Olympic Elite Bar

The PRX Olympic Elite Bar is a highly durable and reliable Olympic weightlifting bar designed for heavy lifts and Olympic-style weightlifting movements. This bar is constructed from high-grade steel and features twin powerlifting knurling for superior grip. The bar has a load capacity up to 750 lbs, a durable finish and minimal whip or flex, providing excellent stability and control during heavy lifts. The bar is a standard 2200 mm length with a diameter of 28 mm, the standard size for Olympic training bars. It has dual knurling, one on the Olympic side and one on the Power Side. The Olympic side has an aggressive knurl which provides superior grip when performing Olympic lifts and cleans. The power side has a medium-aggressive knurl that provides a sure grip while performing squats and other compound movements. The knurling is cut multiple times for extra security, reliability, and sure-grip every time. In addition, the bar is equipped with a durable black oxide finish for superior corrosion resistance and has screw-in bushings for extra stability. There are also grooves on the end that are designed to allow the collars to fit snugly to avoid slipping. The bar is easy to maintain and the surface will last for many years due to the quality of finish. Overall, the PRX Olympic Elite Bar is an excellent choice for any athlete or lifter looking for a dependable bar for Olympic-style lifts, heavy compound movements, and power lifts. The bar has a high load capacity and excellent knurling for superior grip and stability, making it a great choice for any weight lifting session.

  • 20kg / Bright Zinc

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  • 20kg / Black Zinc

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  • 15kg / Bright Zinc

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  • 15kg / Black Zinc

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Pros & Cons


• Made from high-quality, hardened steel for long-lasting durability.

• Has a load capacity of 1500lbs.

• Comfortable, knurled handles for a secure grip.

• Chrome and black zinc finish for an aesthetic look.

• Comes with a one-year warranty.

• High end rotating sleeves for smooth weightlifting movements.


• More expensive than other comparable bars.

• Not suitable for novice lifters due to its higher weight capacity.

Who Should Buy


Why you should buy the PRX Olympic Elite Bar:

• Made from stainless steel for extra strength and durability

• Has a knurl pattern that ensures you always have a secure and comfortable hold

• Offers medium depth with great spin for Olympic lift training

• Great for achieving personal and professional fitness goals

Why you should not buy the PRX Olympic Elite Bar:

• Expensive compared to other bars available on the market

• Only compatible with Olympic weight plates

• Only available in one length (7ft) so may not suit everyone's preference


• 28MM Bare Steel Bar with Black Zinc Finish

• 1045 Steel Alloy

• Loadable sleeve length: 16.5"

• Sleeve bearings: Oilimp™ Steel Bearings

• 178k PSI Tensile Strength

• 1000lb Capacity

• 4 Needle Bearing Pivot Points

• 47.5" from collar to collar

ProductBearing TypeKnurlDiameterWeight LimitPrice
PRx Performance PRx Olympic Elite BarNeedle BearingModerate28mm1500 lbs$599
Rep Fitness Stainless Power BarNeedle BearingAggressive28.5mm1500lbs$399
Rep Fitness Rogue Ohio Power BarBushingModerate29mm1500lbs$299
Rogue Bar 2.02 Copper Alloy BushingsAggressive28.5mm1500lbs$325
Rep Performance Olympic BarBushingMild28mm800lbs$199

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