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PRx Soft-Sided Plyo Box

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PRx Soft-Sided Plyo Box

PRx Performance PlyoSafe PlyoBox sets provide a safe and durable plyometric surfaces so users can maximize their workouts without having to worry about taking a fall. The durable construction ensures long-term stability and protection against slipping, tearing, and cracking as a result of even the most vigorous workouts. Each set includes three different boxes with heights of 16", 20", and 24", respectively, providing users with the ability to target both lower and higher impact work. Additionally, unique interlocking design enables quick and easy assembly and transportation. The ergonomically inclined handles on both the top and bottom enable users to quickly and easily move the box to any desired location with no hassle. Each and every box is made to order and is expertly crafted with ½” Baltic Birch Wood for superior strength and lasting durability. PRx Performance PlyoSafe Plyobox sets are an ideal addition to nearly any workout program and are an easy way to add an extra level of intensity to your training.


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Pros & Cons


• Heavy-duty Construction provides durability and stability

• Low profile design offers versatility to use for both low and high intensity exercises.

• Set includes four heights for variable intensities

• No assembly required

• Includes a 1” thick foam pad for safety

• Made from pine and melamine laminated panels


• Not suitable for outdoor use

• Not ideal for commercial gyms or any setting with high traffic

• Can be fragile when not handled with care.

• Price may be too expensive for most budgets.

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy

- Exercisers looking for a home gym solution that is lightweight and easy to set up and tear down

- Athletes in all sports who want to incorporate plyometric drills into their workouts

- Those looking for a higher-end plyometric piece of workout equipment

Who Should Not Buy

- Those on a tight budget, since this product is priced at the higher end of the home gym equipment spectrum

- People who need a fixed and permanent piece of equipment, since this product is designed with portability and convenience in mind

- Those who will be using this equipment only occasionally, as the high cost will not be justified by the infrequent use


- Minimum of 2-in thick foam layer

- Unique hang tab technology on fabric

- Can be used for full jumps or split jumps

- Dimensions: 18” H x 24” W x 36” L

- Maximum capacity of 500 lbs

- Real steal construction and easy metal pin adjustment


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