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PRx Pull Sled with Harness

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PRx Pull Sled with Harness

The PRX Performance Pull Sled is an incredibly versatile piece of strength training equipment that helps you build muscle and burn fat. It is designed to provide a complete, full-body workout in one small unit. The sled comes with two removable handles that are connected to a thick, padded backstrap for easy and comfy carrying. There are also two adjustable harnesses that can be adjusted for different heights and sizes. It features three height levels, which allow you to customize the workout according to your needs. It also has two buckles, which secure your body and keep you from sliding off the sled. The wheeled design allows you to easily move it around the gym or home and the rubber cushion on the bottom of the sled helps protect your floor from damage. You can attach a variety of weight plates to the sled and use the handles to push or drag the sled. The handles can be used for lateral pulls, reverse drags and more. You can also use the sled alone or with resistance bands to perform a variety of exercises such as arm rows, lateral shoulder raises, squats, hip flexor and tricep pulls. The PRX Performance Pull Sled is great for building and toning muscle, increasing strength and burning fat quickly and effectively. It is a fantastic choice for both experienced and beginner gym goers.


Pros & Cons


• Versatile adjustable design allows for a variety of pulling exercises

• Rollers and hard-wearing swivel plate are designed for heavy loads and tough terrain

• Easy to assemble and secure with no extra tools

• Comes with a robust steel frame for increased stability

• Features a convenient handle for easy pushing and pulling

• Can be used for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced

• Can be used indoors or outdoors

• Comes with a non-slip rubber stop to prevent slipping


• Caster wheels may not be suitable for very rough terrain

• No grippy material on the handle or frame for increased stability

• Minimum weight capacity of 150 lbs. may be limiting for heavier athletes

Who Should Buy



• Athletes interested in resistance training

• Fitness professionals who want to add variety and intensity to their clients' workouts

• Those seeking a full-body workout

• Serious strength and conditioning enthusiasts


• Those on a budget, as this product is comparatively expensive

• Casual gym goers who do not need a more intense workout

• People without any physical activity experience


-Includes Sled, Harness, Straps and Roller Bearings

-Weight Capacity: Up to 500lbs / 226.8kg

-Can Connect to Standard Barbell Plates for Loading the Sled

-Welded Steel Construction

-Integrated Pull Handles

-Height-adjustable Harness

-Roller Bearings for Smooth Glide

-Textured Surface for Improved Traction

-Includes 6 Feet of Nylon Webbing Straps for Attachment

-Unit Dimensions: 34” x 28” x 5” (86.36 x 71.12 x 12.7cm)

-Unit Weight: 25lbs. (11.34kg)

PRx Performance PRx Pull SledProduct AProduct BProduct C
Weight Capacity350 lb200 lb225 lb275 lb
Resistance TypePush/pullPush onlyPush onlyPush only
Weight23 lb30 lb22 lb28 lb
Height to Handle Bars20"24"18"22"
Adjustability4 heights2 heights3 heights2 heights
Resistance PlateNone10 lb15 lb20 lb

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