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PRx Soft-Sided Plyo Box - Garage Sale

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PRx Soft-Sided Plyo Box - Garage Sale

The PRX Soft Sided PlyoBox Garage Sale offers a unique and versatile training and exercise solution for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Constructed from tough, rip-stop and water-resistant nylon fabric, the PlyoBox is a stable and durable platform you can use indoors or outdoors for plyometric and strength exercises. The three-panel construction makes the PlyoBox completely collapsible and collapsible, making it easy to transport and store; the panels are also reinforced with sturdy aluminum for even greater stability. The top panel is padded for added safety, and the built-in handle allows for simple, hassle-free transport. Additionally, the PlyoBox is equipped with a soft plyometric platform that works with both sandbag and bodyweight workouts; the non-slip grip provides added stability. The PlyoBox is designed to be used with weights up to 50lbs, and the lightweight construction makes it easy to setup, move, and store. With the PRX Soft Sided PlyoBox Garage Sale, you can safely and effectively challenge yourself with a variety of high intensity exercises, and enjoy a more efficient, effective workout.


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Pros & Cons


• Heavy-duty Construction of 1,000-denier urethane-coated water-resistant fabric

• Durable double-stitched, binding tape handles for easy transport

• Reinforced-bottom for added durability

• Collapses and stores in a convenient package

• different heights available to suit your fitness level


• Limited sizes available

• May not be suitable for more extreme exercises due to lack of stability

• May be too heavy for some to easily transport

• Pricey compared to other plyo boxes

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Durable and built to last for heavy use

• Quality construction

• Suitable for all levels of plyo enthusiasts

Should Not Buy:

• Not designed for extreme athletes

• Not suitable for commercial applications

• May not be suitable for certain types of activities


- Constructed from heavy-duty vinyl with black and yellow trim

- Foam cushioned exterior for durability and improved grip

- Easy-to-assemble design

- Made to hold a combined weight of up to 400lbs

- Variable heights: 12”, 18”, 24”

- Slips onto any surface securely, without slipping

- Dimensions: 30x20x24

PRx Performance PRx Soft-Sided Plyo Box - Garage Sale12", 18", 24"24"18"From $49
Body-Solid Tools SPRC Soft Plyo Box12", 18", 24"24"18"$93.99
UPPERR 3-in-1 Plyo Box12", 24", 30"24"18"$99.99
Fringe Sport Plyobox12", 18", 24", 30"24"24"$169.99

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