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PRx Squat Wedges

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PRx Squat Wedges

The PRX Squat Wedge is a superior squat assistance product designed to make deep squats easier and more effective by providing optimal support during the exercise. Constructed from durable rigid plastic, the squat wedge will fit in any home gym, giving users the support and stability needed to do squats properly. The wedge features a wide, stable base designed for durability and comfort, and its easy-to-grip handle allows users to adjust the angle to the precise angle desired. The interior cavity of the wedge can be filled with sand or weighted plates, contributing to further stability and making the wedge suitable to a wide range of strengths and abilities. The wedge also features a textured bottom, so that it won't move during your squats. Whether you're a beginner or a gym-pro, the PRX Squat Wedge can provide the safety, security and effectiveness of proper squats, with the stability and support needed to maximize your workout. The wedge is an ideal addition to any home gym and will provide a sturdy base for comfortable, safe squats, while allowing you to get the most out of the exercise.

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Pros & Cons


• Easily transportable and lightweight

• Non-slip design allows comfortable surface for feet

• Raises the heel and improves barbell squat positioning

• Universal size and height of wedge fits most squat racks

• Durable Construction prevents warping or cracking


• May be difficult to transport up stairs or other obstacles due to its size

• Can have limited space for feet due to its shape and size

• May not be suitable for bench press workouts

• Does not come with a handle for easy carrying

Who Should Buy

Those who should buy the PRX Squat Wedge are people who struggle with traditional squats due to mobility issues. The Wedge helps by lifting the heels and elevating the hips, which allows for a deeper squat. Those who shouldn't buy the PRX Squat Wedge are people who don't have mobility issues and can squat without assistance.


- Made of non-slip EVA foam

- 16” long

- 2-3/8” thick

- Weighs 2.7 lbs

- A wedge shape tapering from 2-3/8” to 1”

- Includes two Wedges

PRx Performance PRx Squat WedgesProduct 1Product 2Product 3Product 4
Weight RemoteNoNoNoNoNo
Height AdjustYesNoYesNoYes
Color OptionsNoneBlueBlackWhiteSilver
Weight Capacity225 lbs.265 lbs.200 lbs.250 lbs.350 lbs.

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