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PRx Women's Olympic Elite Bar

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PRx Women's Olympic Elite Bar

The PRX Women's Olympic Elite Bar is a top-of-the-line Olympic weightlifting bar designed to meet the demanding needs of weightlifters at all levels. The bar features a 25mm shoulder-friendly grip, providing a comfortable and secure hold that allows for a full range of motion. The stainless-steel construction provides a smooth spin and helps to reduce excess noise as the bar moves during lifts. The center knurling provides superior grip and is essential for maximizing stability during heavy lifts. The dual-marked sleeves have added grooves which make it easy to switch between weights quickly and accurately, perfect for high-intensity workouts. The proprietary PRX finish ensures that the bar is corrosion resistant, so it'll retain its original shine for years. With the highest quality construction and attention to detail, the PRX Women’s Olympic Elite Bar gives experienced athletes the foundation they need to take on the most demanding lifts.

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Pros & Cons


• Made from premium, high-tensile steel

• Knurled handles for added grip

• Coated with a black oxide finish

• Designed to hold up to 800 lbs

• Meets international standards for competition and training

• Length of bar is 7'


• Pricey compared to other Olympic bars

• Does not come with collars included

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Anyone who wants a bar that can take up to 500lbs

• Fitness enthusiasts who need a bar specifically designed for long-term use

• Women who want the assurance that they're using an ergonomic bar

Who Should Not Buy:

• People who don't need a heavy-duty weightlifting bar

• Athletes who need a bar suited for Olympic weightlifting routines

• Individuals who don't have the budget for a bar of this quality


- 15.5kg/34lbs

- Medium-depth Diamond Knurling

- Polished 190K PSI Tensile Strength Steel Shaft

- 2000lb Tested with Snap Ring Lock System

- Brass Alloy Bushing for Optimal Spin and Smooth Rotation

- Finish is Bright Chrome with NO Powerlifting Knurling

- 28.5mm Shaft Diameter

- Dual Marked IWF/IPF Knurl Markings

BarbellWeight CapacityBar LengthKnurling TypeSpinKnurl Markings
PRx Women's1500lbs7ftSmoothModerateIOC
Rogue Women's1000lbs7ftmoderate/SharpModerateDual/No Markings
B&R Women's800lbs7ftSmoothNoneShort Diamonds
Rogue Women's1000lbs6ftmoderate/SharpModerateDual/No Markings
Vulcan Women's1500lbs6ftSmoothModerateNo Markings

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