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RPM Session Jump Rope

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RPM Session Jump Rope

The RPM Session 3.0 Jump Rope is an intense, speed-based, performance-driven jump rope designed to provide users with an effective and efficient workout that helps improve overall strength, power, and agility. This jump rope can be used for both general fitness and high-intensity interval training. Its lightweight aluminum handles come with contoured grips and ball bearings for superior speed and control. Additionally, the rope is adjustable up to 9 feet so it can be used by individuals of different sizes and heights. The rope is made from high-quality braided Steel cable which is both durable and easy to adjust. The quick-connect system makes changing length and rope setup a breeze, and the intricate color-coded weight system ensures that users are using the rope that is most suitable for their height and fitness level. For users looking for a faster, smoother rope, the upgrade kit includes an even lighter and thinner Speed Cable. Whether you're an experienced athlete looking for that extra performance edge or just starting out in the world of fitness, the RPM Session 3.0 Jump Rope is an unbeatable option.



Pros & Cons


• Lightweight design

• Tangle-free

• Adjustable rope length

- Durable Construction

• Compact and portable

• Efficient cardio workout


• Not suitable for heavyweight users

• Can’t accommodate very tall users

• Somewhat expensive price compared to other jump ropes

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Sleek, modern design that catches the eye

• Customizable rope length

• High-quality bearings ensure smooth and consistent rope motion

• Comfort foam grips reduce strain on hands

• Great exercise tool to improve agility and coordination

Should Not Buy:

• Not designed for more hardcore and experienced jump rope users

• Not the most durable option available on the market

• Expensive compared to other jump ropes


-Long-lasting, lightweight steel handles coated in a black grip

-Rotation resistant rope coated in clear vinyl

-Rope length is adjustable (8’10” – 11’10”)

-Square shape jump rope for extra stability

-320-degree bearing rotation for a smooth, unhindered motion

-⁠Lengthens and shortens with a quick twist of the handle

ToolRPM Session Jump RopeSimilar Tool #1Similar Tool #2Similar Tool #3
Wire Length9' Adjustable
Weight0.19 lbs
Speed5" Per Handle Turn
Handle Length6"
Wire TypePivot Bearings & Cables
HandlesCushioned Foam
Cable CoatingCopper Alloy

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