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PRx Gym Chalk

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PRx Gym Chalk

PrxPerformance is a leading manufacturer of athletic performance equipment, including the single chalk block. This block of dry, high-grade magnesium carbonate chalk is designed to provide extra grip on any workout involving lifts and bars. The single chalk block is designed to be used in both the gym and the home, offering the same professional quality support as what you’d find in a traditional gym. The block delivers an improved grip that helps reduce sweat and improve traction when going for those personal bests in weightlifting or gymnastics. It also helps reduce friction on the hands to prevent any skin damage from lifting straps or heavy weights. The block is formed from premium Magnesium Carbonate and is used by athletes the world over. It offers a strongly adherent chalk that does not fall off easily, preserving it for those long workouts. The block is clean and doesn’t generate a lot of dust, making it ideal for indoor workouts. This single chalk block from PrxPerformance is ODORLESS and EASILY CLEANED, providing exceptional performance when it comes to strength and grip. It is an essential tool for any serious athlete looking to hit that personal best.

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Pros & Cons


• Non-toxic and eco-friendly

• Biodegradable

• Reduces moisture

• Increases friction for effective performance

• Great for lifting, gymnastics, rock climbing, CrossFit and more

• Portable


• Can get messy

• Strength of hold may not last as long as with other chalk products

Who Should Buy

Who should buy this home gym product:

- If you are someone who takes their workout seriously and want to increase your grip strength.

- If you are someone who performs Olympic or strength training regularly and needs help maintaining your grip.

- If you are looking for a chalk block that won't leave a mess behind.

Who should not buy this home gym product:

- If you don’t plan on taking your workouts seriously.

- If you don't plan to use chalk for any kind of exercise.

- If you are looking for an inexpensive home gym product.


• Non-toxic

• Contains no aluminum

• Low Dust Formula

• Weight per container: 2lb

• Made from 100% natural French Magnesium Carbonate

PRx Performance PRx Gym ChalkCompetitor1Competitor2Competitor3
Number of Pouches7684
Size2 oz.2.5 oz.5 oz.2 oz.
Color VariantsBlack, Blue, Purple, RedBlack, Blue, Purple, RedBlue, Purple, GreenBlack, Red, Green
Ingredients100% Magnesium CarbonateMagnesium Carbonate, Bentonite ClayMagnesium Carbonate, Bentonite ClayCalcium Carbonate

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