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Spider Chalk Mega Blocks

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Spider Chalk Mega Blocks

The Spider Chalk Mega Blocks from Prx Performance are designed to give athletes an edge on their grip during weightlifting and other activities. This chalk pack includes an 8-pound block of the company’s signature Spider Chalk, and each block is conveniently cut into slices for easier portioning and storage. The Spider Chalk is formulated with a unique blend of magnesium carbonate, silica, and other natural compounds. This helps improve athletes' grip strength and sweat absorption while they’re working out. This product also helps reduce friction, allowing users to lift more weight with a stronger grip while minimizing the risk of slipping. The 8-pound block is easy to store on a shelf or in a gym bag. The block is also conveniently cut into 16 separate slices to make storage easier. One slice should be enough chalk for an entire workout session, so users don’t have to worry about running out in the middle of a session. The Spider Chalk Mega Blocks from Prx Performance are an effective, convenient solution for athletes looking for a grip and sweat absorption aid. This 8-pound block should last long enough to provide plenty of workouts, and the slices are convenient for portability and portioning.


Pros & Cons


• Water repellent

• Easy to lift

• Enhanced durability

• Absorbs 3 times its own weight

• pack providing variety of options


• Can be messy

• Difficulty in breaking into small pieces

• Not suitable for sensitive skin types

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

-High-quality formula

-Provides longer-lasting grip

-Ideal for gymnastics, weightlifting, rock-climbing, and other sport activities

-Can be used indoors and outdoors

-All-natural ingredients-free of harsh chemicals and fragrances

Should Not Buy:

-Very expensive

-Large size may be inconvenient and bulky to carry

-Not suitable for children due to small pieces that can be a choking hazard


•Chalk Blocks Available in: 5LB, 10LB, 15LB

•Chalk Blocks are 2.75" x 5" x 7.5"

•All PRx Performance chalk blocks are made from 100% Magnesium Carbonate

•Blocks are broken into multiple pieces for ease of use

•Weather proof for durability

•Environmentally friendly and sustainable manufacturing

FeaturesPRx Performance Spider Chalk Mega BlocksProduct 1Product 2Product 3
Compact sizeYesYesNoNo
Gets on handsNoYesYesYes

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