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Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar - Garage Sale

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Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar  - Garage Sale

Prx Performance's Wall-Mounted Pull Up Bar is a robust and versatile workout solution for your home. This adjustable pull-up bar allows you to easily customize your workout to your desired level. It can be mounted to nearly any wall or ceiling, providing you with a diverse range of exercises and a full body workout. The bar is made from high-grade steel and features a thick diameter bar, j-cups and knurled grips. Its design is rugged and designed to withstand heavy use. The bar can be adjusted to 12 different heights so users of all sizes can find the most comfortable exercise position. This pull up bar is built to last and will provide you with a great way to work on pull ups, chin ups, dips, and more. It offers a great range of exercises and can be used in conjunction with free weights, medicine balls, and other fitness equipment. It also comes with two different types of anchors, one for wall mounting and one for ceiling mounting. The Wall-Mounted Pull Up Bar is an excellent addition to any home gym and provides a great way to add variety to your workout routine. It's easy to install, features a rugged design, and is adjustable for users of all sizes. With this bar, you'll get a full body workout, a range of exercises for building strength, and an easy way to customize your workout.


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Pros & Cons


- Heavy duty steel Construction for added strength and durability

• Wall-mounted design allows easy installation and removal

• Multiple grip options to suit different exercise needs

• Adjustable width for different wall sizes

• High-quality powder coated finish for a sleek and stylish look


• Limited to pull-ups and chin-ups only

• Must be mounted and secured to wall studs for proper installation and use

• Not suitable for outdoor use due to lack of weatherproofing

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

- Can mount low on the wall, perfect for low ceiling spaces

- Heavy duty steel construction easily holds up to 400lbs

- Powder coated finish for an extra layer of protection against weathering and rust

- Variety of mounting options to fit different spaces

- Easy to install with included hardware and instructions

Should Not Buy:

- Not recommended for commercial use

- Not recommended for overhung pull-ups or kipping movements

- Not designed for more than one person to use

- Not designed to hang objects from, such as kettlebells or weights


- Made of heavy-duty steel coated in a black matte finish

- Wall mountable pull-up bar with adjustable width to fit standard door frames

- Easy installation with included wall anchors

- Rubberized, non-slip gripping surface for added safety

- Supports up to 500lbs

- Maximum opening of 51”

- Compatible with Rogue, PRx, and other wall-mounted adjustable pull-up bars

- Backed by a lifetime warranty

FeaturesPRx Performance Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar - Garage SaleBar 1Bar 2Bar 3
Capacity1,000 lbs600 lbs850 lbs800 lbs
Wall Space48 in48 in48 in42 in
Length96 in96 in96 in82 in
Number of Grips13101312
WarrantyLimited Lifetime1 Year5 Year6 Month

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