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Balance Ball Trainer

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Balance Ball Trainer

The Rep Fitness Balance Ball Trainer is an innovative and effective training tool that helps you build strength, improve balance, and tone your muscles. With its unique design and construction, you can perform a wide range of exercises from stretching to squats. The balance ball trainer is designed for both novices and experts alike, making it ideal for people of all abilities. The Balance Ball Trainer is made from high-quality materials and features a heavy-duty, molded plastic base that ensures grip and stability. The base holds a 15-inch balance ball, giving you a great way to perform a variety of exercises. There's also an adjustable ball piston that can be set for different sizes for a custom fit. The Trainer is equipped with comfortable, thick handles that provide enhanced control when you're performing your exercises. For extra resistance and variation, there is also a resistance band that can be attached to the base. This increases the intensity of your exercise and lets you tone your muscles even further. For convenience, the Balance Ball Trainer is easy to store and transport, with a recessed center slot to make storage even easier. Its innovative design and construction make it a must-have training tool for anyone serious about improving their balance, flexibility, and strength.


Pros & Cons


• Improves balance, coordination, and stability

• Workout at any fitness level

• Multi-functional use

• Portable and easy to store

• Ergonomic design


• Can be difficult to maintain balance at first

• Upper body exercises can be challenging

• Can only be used with certain exercises

• Not appropriate for more than 2 people

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• People who want to improve balance

• People who want to challenge stability

• People who need exercises in rehab

Who Should Not Buy:

• People who have balance issues or difficulty standing

• People who are new to balance exercises

• People who want to do more traditional exercises


• 6-inch diameter balance ball

• 1200-pound burst resistance

• Constructed from non-slip material

• Inflatable base

• Available in multiple colors

• Works as a chair or ball for stability exercises

ProductRep Balance Ball TrainerProduct1Product2Product3
Dimensions45 centimetres diameter38 cm60 cm55 cm
Weight1.9 - 2.2kg2.27kg1.91kg2.15kg
MaterialPVC w/ anti-burst designPVCRubberLatex
Max. weight300kg270kg220kg350kg

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