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Belt Squat

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Belt Squat

-machine The Rep Fitness Belt Squat Machine is a great tool for strength training that isolates the lower body. Its design includes a special belt that supports your weight while allowing the user to squat deeply both safely and comfortably. The belt is adjustable and allows you to adjust it at the hip level, providing a comfortable and secure fit. In addition to the belt, the machine also features a heavy steel frame that is sturdy and capable of withstanding up to 500 pounds of resistance. The frame is powder coated and features rubber padding to ensure your safety and keep the machine in place even during intense workouts. This Belt Squat Machine also includes a back rest for improved stability and to maximize comfort when using the machine. Each belt squats machine also includes adjustable uprights, making it easier to customize your workouts for specific goals or muscle groups. This machine is perfect for training your quads, glutes, and hamstrings to give you a stronger core and improved posture.

  • Belt Squat - 4000

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  • Belt Squat - 5000

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Pros & Cons


• Adjustable and customizable with weighted plates up to 800 lbs.

• Adjustable height from 3’ to 6’ for varied movements

• Powder-coat finish to aid in rust protection

• Compact design for easy storage

• High-quality materials and Construction for long-term use


• Costly compared to other workouts/machines

• Not suitable for beginner lifters who may not have experience with belt squats

• Suggested additions such as a weight bench or resistance bands can increase cost

• Requires floor space for use

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Athletes or bodybuilders looking to build their lower body strength

• Individuals interested in a full body workout

• Those who want to increase their grip strength

Who Should Not Buy:

• Beginners who lack lower body strength

• Those who do not have any prior experience with weightlifting

• People who are looking for an easy or quick exercise solution


-Maximum Weight Load: 800 lb

-Main Construction: Heavy Duty 2.56” steel tubing

-Frame Colors: Black

-Foot Plate Size: 10” x 12”

-Adjustable Heights: 46”-62”

-Adjustable Widths: 33”-53”

-Frame Pad: 8” Thick Cushioned Pad

-Handle sizes: 8.5” Diameter

-11 Adjustment Settings for Back and Chest Pad

Rep Belt SquatProduct BProduct CProduct D
Capacity1000 lbs500 lbs600 lbs750 lbs
AdjustabilityFixed heightFixed heightAdjustable HeightFixed Height
ResistanceWeight of BarbellWeight of BarbellWeight of BarbellWeight of Barbell
Frame3" Square steel framingU-shaprd steel tubingRound steel tubingU-shaprd steel tubing
FootingSteel ladder platesRubber fabric padsFix PadsSteel ladder plates

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