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Color Bumper Plate Sets (LB)

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Color Bumper Plate Sets (LB)

Rep Fitness’ color bumper plate sets are designed for those looking for top quality, durable and vibrant gym weight plates for weightlifting, powerlifting, and fitness exercises. Made of heavy-duty rubber and steel, these bumper plates are shatter-resistant and provide a firm, stable base for barbell training. Available in your choice of 10, 15, 25, 35, 45, and 55LB plates, these weight plates have a special design that withstands heavy drops, reducing the risk of damage to floors and equipment. The vinyl coating also prevents rolling and slipping, while the steel insert ensures a snug fit on Olympic bars. The plates have molded-in steel handles for easy lifting, and many of the sets come with a thick walled storage tray to keep the plates organized and secure. With bright color coding for quick weight identification, you can easily switch up your lifts without having to waste time looking for the right size. Rep Fitness’ color bumper plates offer excellent quality and value, making them ideal for any home gym or professional weightlifting environment.

  • Color Bumper Plate Sets (LB) - 160lb

    In Stock


  • Color Bumper Plate Sets (LB) - 190lb

    In Stock


  • Color Bumper Plate Sets (LB) - 230lb

    In Stock


  • Color Bumper Plate Sets (LB) - 250lb

    In Stock


  • Color Bumper Plate Sets (LB) - 260lb

    In Stock


  • Color Bumper Plate Sets (LB) - 270lb

    In Stock


  • Color Bumper Plate Sets (LB) - 300lb

    In Stock


  • Color Bumper Plate Sets (LB) - 340lb A

    In Stock


  • Color Bumper Plate Sets (LB) - 340lb B

    In Stock


  • Color Bumper Plate Sets (LB) - 370lb

    In Stock


Pros & Cons


• Made of high-grade rubber material with low bounce for safety

• Available in multiple weight sizes for different athletes

• Color coded for easier identification

• Prevent your bar from bending due to weight

• Includes steel insert for strength and durability


• Cannot be dropped from overhead positions

• More expensive than basic rubber or metal plates

• Weights may not be as accurate as professional weightlifting plates

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Durable construction

• Variety of colors and weight options

• 2” diameter to fit Olympic-sized bars

Should Not Buy:

• Limited availability of sizes

• Lack of warranty on products

• Relative high cost of product


-High-quality rubber material

-Vibrant colors

-Steel ring insert

-Uniform weight distribution

-Increases shock absorption

-Minimal noise reduction

-Suitable for commercial and home gyms

-Ideal for Olympic lifting

ProductWeight RangeDurometerPlates per SetPrice Range
Rep Color Bumper Plate Set10 - 45 lbs8510$350 - $400
X Training Equipment Bumper Plate Set10 - 45 lbs9010$455 - $500
Rage Fitness Olympic Bumper Plate Set10 - 45 lbs9210$390 - $450
Fringe Sport Bumper Plate Set15 - 55 lbs8210$450 - $500
Fitness Exchange Bumper Plate Set10 - 25 lbs954$300 - $350

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