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Flat Sandwich J-Cups

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Flat Sandwich J-Cups

The Flat-J-Cups from RepFitness are a great solution for anyone who needs a stable and dependable weight plate holder for their power rack. Constructed from heavy-duty 11-gauge steel and featuring a black powdercoated finish, these durable cups are built to stand up to the toughest workouts. The shafts of the cups are angled so that the plates fit snugly into the head and won't slide around, even under intense reps. The heads of the cups have a slightly pointed design so that they nest nicely into the hole pattern of your power rack. The J-cup is perfect for Olympic bars and for carrying the heaviest of plates. The rubber bumpers on the bottom of the cup keep the plates in place and protect any surface that you set the J-cup on. Each cup is sold individually and has a weight capacity of 800 lbs. With their robust construction and reliable design, the Flat-J-Cups from RepFitness will give you plenty of secure storage for your weight plates.


Pros & Cons


+ Heavy duty steel Construction for maximum durability

• Compatible with all squat stands or racks that accept 2x2” J-cups

• Includes rubber pads for added protection of barbell knurling

• Powder coated finish for increased corrosion and wear resistance

• Utilizes urethane inserts to reduce noise and rattling


• Expensive compared to other brands

• Not compatible with older racks with pre-drilled holes for older style J-cup mouting pins

Who Should Buy

• Should Buy:

- If you are looking for a pair of Flat J-Cups that are long-lasting and durable

- If you need cups that secure your rack from any racking or re-racking

- If you want cups that are compatible with Rep Fitness Equipment

• Should Not Buy:

- If you are looking for J-Cups that are not flat

- If you need cups that are compatible with equipment from other brands


• Fits standard 3” x 3” power racks

• Rigid 11-gauge steel construction

• Length loaded extended: 25”

• Length unloaded collapsed: 16.5”

• Maximum load weight: 500lbs

• Hole spacing (center to center): 2"

Rep Flat Sandwich J-CupSimilar Product 1Similar Product 2
200 lbs.200 lbs.250 lbs.

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