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Floss Bands

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Floss Bands

Rep Fitness Floss Bands are an effective and affordable tool for strength and mobility work. Constructed of latex rubber, these lightweight, multi-purpose bands come in both standard and heavy tension, to provide strength and mobility work for any level of fitness. Perfect for upper and lower body exercises, they are great for improving posture, flexibility, balance and coordination. The bands can be used for assisted stretching, preparing muscles for exercise, adding tension to bodyweight and resistance exercises, and as a tool for myofascial release. The Rep Fitness Floss Bands are available in four sizes and two levels of tension, so they can be tailored to individual needs. They measure 12 inches in length and range in tension levels from 25 to 125 pounds, to provide the exact amount of tension for the desired exercise. The bands are made from a strong, resilient, elastic and durable latex rubber material, and are designed for long-term use and resistance to wear. The Rep Fitness Floss Bands come with detailed instructions for stretching and exercises, making them easy to use for beginners and experienced users alike. They are a great tool for anyone looking for a cost effective way to work on strength and mobility, and will last for years, with proper care and maintenance.

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  • Floss Bands - Red / Pair

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Pros & Cons


• Lightweight, portable design

• Versatile uses for stretching, mobility, and massage therapy

• Highly effective for improving flexibility and range of motion

• Can be used to activate and stretch weak/inactive muscles and stimulate blood flow

• Durable Construction


• Not recommended for use with heavy weights

• May be too thin or too thick for certain areas or activities

• Could result in overstretching and injury if applied too aggressively

Who Should Buy

Reasons for People Who Should Buy:

• High quality product backed by lifetime warranty

• Flexible and portable - can be taken anywhere

• Easy to use for everyone - no complicated setup required

• Aids with injuries, mobility and recovery

• Affordable way to improve range of motion and flexibility

Reasons for People Who Should Not Buy:

• People with latex allergies

• People who prefer big bulky machines over smaller portable workout equipment

• People who don't want to invest the time to learn proper use of the bands

• People who want to get bulky muscles, as floss bands are not designed for this purpose


-Made of Nylon & Rubber


-9 foot length

-Resistance bands can be used to facilitate stretching, strengthening and rehabilitation

-Each band has different levels of resistance ranging from 5-95 lbs of tension

-Lightweight and portable

-Comes with carry bag

Rep Floss BandsNatural Latex Rubber41"2"Medium (25-35 lbs)
WODFitters BandsSturdy Natural Latex41"2"Light (5-15 lbs)
Potok Resistance BandsPolypropylene48"2"Light (5-15 lbs)
Black Mountain Products BandsHeavy-Duty Latex41"1.5"Heavy (40-100 lbs)
Heelp Pro Bands100% Natural Latex41"3.8"Medium (25-35 lbs)

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