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Fractional Change Plate Set (kg)

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Fractional Change Plate Set (kg)

The Rep Fitness Fractional Plate Set KG is a must-have for any serious weightlifters who want to maximize their performance. This set is designed to help make your gym sessions even more efficient and effective by allowing you to make micro-adjustments to your weights. This allows you to make more accurate jumps in weight and achieve desired goals. This set includes plates that have a thickness of 0.5kg, 1kg, 1.25kg, 1.5kg and 2kg for a total of 5kg. All of the plates are covered with a durable rubber surface to help protect your gym floor. The design of the plates also means that you can use a standard barbell or an Olympic barbell to use with them. The pin-hole design makes the plates easy to attach and remove and helps to ensure that your workouts are even more secure. The set includes two pairs of bigger and smaller collars so you can use the Fractional Plate Set with Olympic or fractional bars. The Rep Fitness Fractional Plate Set is a great way to add precision to your weightlifting routine. This set is made with quality materials and is built to last, so you can be confident that your plates will be able to withstand even the toughest gym sessions. Whether you are a beginner or experienced lifter, this set is a great addition to your workouts.


Pros & Cons


• Made with durable stainless steel

• Comfortable easy-grip coating

• Wide range of weight increments to customize workouts

• Can increase or decrease weight in small increments without needing to re-rack plates

• Small enough to store in your workout bag or carry to a gym


• Can be expensive

• Not suitable for very heavy lifting

• Not ideal for athletes who want to increase their weight quickly

Who Should Buy

Should buy:

• For those looking for a more customized weightlifting experience

• For those looking to add precise and gradual weight increases to their lifts

• For those that want to save money on barbell plates

Should not buy:

• For those wanting to lift only heavy weights

• For those wanting a full set of barbell plates

• For those who prefer a more traditional approach to weightlifting


-10Pairs of Change Plates (2.5kg, 1.25kg, 0.5kg, 0.25kg)

-Designed to take the place of its traditional 10kg plates

-Ideal for Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Functional Fitness and all other disciplines

-Laser etched with Rep Sports logo

-Textured discs to improve grip

-Integrated number system for easy weight identification

-Machined steel handles

ProductPrice ($)Weight Increment (kg)Max Weight (kg)
Rep Fractional Change Plate Set174.990.25, 0.5, & 186
Ivanko Change Plate Set182.990.25, 0.5, 1 & 2.5105
IRIROM Change Plate Set199.990.25, 0.5, & 185
TDS Change Plate Set194.990.25, 0.5 & 190

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