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FT-3000 Compact Functional Trainer 2.0

Last checked 9 months ago
FT-3000 Compact Functional Trainer 2.0

The Rep Fitness FT 3000-2 Compact Functional Trainer is an innovative multi-functional piece of gym equipment designed for strength training, functional movements, and a variety of exercises. The FT 3000-2 is a dual cable machine which is highly versatile and able to be used by a wide range of athletes or fitness enthusiasts, from beginners to professional athletes. This unit’s versatility allows it to utilise different exercises and angles, allowing users to customise the workout to meet their individual needs. The FT 3000-2 features adjustable and durable pulleys, with 20-inch lift height and 180 degree swivel, allowing for maximum range of motion and exercise options. This trainer provides smooth and responsive resistance from 25 to 300 lbs, with two dual cable columns working in unison. On each side there is an adjustable weight stack for up to 300 lbs on each column, giving a total combined weight of 600 lbs. This makes it ideal for heavier overhead or full body exercises. Each column is outfitted with a carabiner clip to secure your own attachments. The FT 3000-2 also has a variety of attachments and accessories, allowing users to customize the workout experience. Included in the package is a pair of multi-grip belt handles and a rope attachment to provide more variability in grip options and exercises. The unit also has a smaller footprint compared to traditional functional trainers, allowing you to fit more in a smaller space. The built-in transport wheels make moving and storing the unit easy; ideal for home gyms. In conclusion, the Rep Fitness FT 3000-2 Compact Functional Trainer is an excellent piece of equipment that can enable you to get stronger and more functional with a full range of exercises, attachments, and accessories. It's a great choice for those looking for an all-in-one, multi-purpose functional trainer.


Pros & Cons


• Compact size allows it to fit most home workouts spaces

• Works with optional accessories to add an even greater range of working out options

• Free weight technology allows for smooth and quiet workouts

• Easy to use and adjust for different exercises and workout levels

• High performance pulleys have non-slip grip and nylon tubes for maximum cable life


• More expensive than some other similar products

• Limited weight stack options

• Not ideal for heavier weight exercises or people with more advanced strength training needs

Who Should Buy

Who should buy:

-Those looking for a space-saving and adjustable functional trainer

-Fitness enthusiasts who like to mix up their workout and could benefit from multiple exercise options

-Home gym owners who don’t have enough space for a larger set of equipment

Who should not buy:

-Those who are looking to lift very heavy weights

-Those who’d like to save a considerable amount of money compared to buying a gym membership

-Someone who doesn’t like the idea of changing the setup in between sets


• Polygonal guide rods provide for smooth movement

NameMax Weight CapacityPull-up BarHeight AdjustablePrice
Rep FT-3000 Compact Trainer 2.0350 lbsYesYes$600
Body Solid GFCT1300 lbsNoYes$420
Bowflex PR3000310 lbsYesYes$700
TotalGym XLS400 lbsNoNo$1,000
Titan Fitness XT-1400 lbsYesYes$399

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