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Gym Chalk

Rep Fitness Gym Chalk is an ideal choice for those who need extra grip for their weightlifting and other gym activities. This premium chalk uses magnesium carbonate and is specifically formulated for strength training. It comes in an easy-to-use container with a wide opening lip and flapper that can be twisted closed, ensuring no mess when handling. This chalk is suitable for hands, feet, and any other area your workout may require. Unlike other chalk brands, Rep Fitness Gym Chalk uses only 100% pure magnesium carbonate. This ensures superior grip and superior sweat absorption, allowing you to stay focused on your workout and not have to worry about losing your grip. The fine-grain texture of Rep Fitness Gym Chalk provides a smooth, comfortable application and can be applied in thinner layers, making it more economical and easier on the hands. It also offers superior moisture wicking, making it a great choice for hot, sweaty environments. Its unique and wide opening lip, in combination with its screw-on lid, allows for quick replenishment without creating a mess, meaning you can fill your hands and continue lifting without interruption or mess. Additionally, a steady, light shake on the container is enough to disperse the chalk if it begins to stick together. Rep Fitness Gym Chalk is an exceptional choice for athletes and gym-goers alike. Its superior grip, moisture wicking, and smooth application make it ideal for anything from weightlifting to calisthenics, or any other activity you may use chalk to improve your grip.


Pros & Cons


• Provides superior grip

• Improves safety when lifting and doing gymnastics

• Prevents excess sweating

• Helps keep hands dry

• Inexpensive

• Easy to apply and remove


• Messy

• May transfer to other areas in gym

• Can cause respiratory irritation and eye irritation if inhaled

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy Gym Chalk from RepFitness?

- People who want to improve their grip strength and stability

- People who do rock-climbing, gymnastics, weightlifting, and other sport activities

- People who want to protect their skin from injury due to friction

Who Should Not Buy Gym Chalk from RepFitness?

- People with skin sensitivity/allergies to talcum powder

- People who do not practice certain sports activities

- People who are not intending to improve grip strength or stability.


- Chemical free

- Finely milled

- Made from white magnesite

- Absorbs excess sweat

- Easy to clean

- Does not clump

- Will not cake

- Non-toxic

- Suitable for all gym activities

Rep Gym ChalkProduct 1Product 2Product 3
Made from Magnesium CarbonatesMagnesium CarbonateSodium ChlorideCalcium Carbonate
Easily washes off skin & clothesYesNoYes
Residue-free formulationYesNoNo
Air-drying PerspirationNoYesNo

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