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ISO Arms

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ISO Arms

Rep Fitness' Iso Arms are a superior fitness-training accessory to challenge upper-body muscle development. Constructed from sturdy, heavy-duty top-quality steel, these arms are ideal for isolated chest exercises, shoulder rotator cuff training, triceps extensions and other exercises. These arms require no assembly and do not need to be connected to lifting stands, which adds to their user-friendly design. The arms feature two independently adjustable arm lengths suitable for a range of heights, ensuring users achieve their desired posture and target the optimal muscle groups effectively. The Iso Arms utilize a unique and secure locking system to ensure the arms stay in place while performing exercises, while an extra-wide base provides enhanced stability. The arms offer superior comfort thanks to ergonomically designed cushioned pivoting handles. Additionally, the arms feature an adjustable stretch strap to create an additional variety of exercise options. For those seeking an efficient and versatile upper-body training accessory, Rep Fitness' Iso Arms are the ideal choice. Featuring robust construction, comfortable grips and adjustable settings, the Iso Arms maximise exercise effectiveness. In addition, their user-friendly design makes them suitable for home or commercial work-outs.

  • ISO Arms - 4000

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  • ISO Arms - 5000

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Pros & Cons


• Multi-purpose arm workout station, suitable for all fitness levels

-High quality steel Construction for increased durability

• Adjustable arm pad for varying heights and training styles

• Heavy weight capacity (up to 500lb total capacity)

• Plenty of grip options and leg positioning choices for enhanced mobility


• Does not come with accompanying weight plates or barbells

• Not ideal for those with limited space in their home gym

• Price is on the more expensive side

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

-High quality product

-Adjustable arm positions

-Comes with exercise handles

-Great customer reviews

-Highly durable

Should Not Buy:

-Might be too expensive

-Only usable at home

-May not result in the same workout as a traditional gym


• 9 Adjustable resistance levels

• High-quality, commercial-grade steel frame

• Built-in grip handles for added support and comfort

• Adjustable range of motion to maximize muscles worked

• Compact, lightweight design for easy storage

• Contoured arm pads to ensure proper alignment and support

FeatureRep ISO ArmsAlternatives
Caliber.308Armageddon Armory Razorback .308JP Enterprises LRP-07 .308Adams Arms P2 .308Aero AR-10 .308
Magazine Capacity5 rounds5 rounds20 rounds20 rounds
Barrel Length16"16"20"18"
StockMagpul PRS Gen3Morgan 338 ReconMagpul PRS Gen3Magpul PRS GEN3
BarrelCarbon FiberMeloniteMelonite416 Stainless Steel
Handguard17" Super Slim Keymod Free FloatCNC Machined M-LOK17" M-LOK BHSM-LOK 15" Super Slim

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