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Logo Plate Crossmember

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Logo Plate Crossmember

The Logo Plate Crossmember from Rep Fitness is an essential piece of equipment for any strength training setup. This heavy-duty powder-coated steel crossmember features an 8"x2" welded steel plate bearing the Rep Fitness logo. The crossmember can easily accommodate a variety of accessories, including barbells, dip belts and band pegs. The Olympic-style sleeve measures 2" and fits Olympic-style weight plates. The generous 27" of open space seating makes this the perfect bench press station. Designed for heavy-duty use and to stand up to tough workouts, this crossmember is ideal for any fitness enthusiast looking for a durable and secure weight training station.

  • Logo Plate Crossmember - 4000

    In Stock


  • Logo Plate Crossmember - 5000

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Pros & Cons


• Helps to keep your fitness facility organized by grouping barbell sets together

• Heavy gauge steel structure

• Reinforced crossmember for increased stability and durability

• Easy to install

• Multiple color options available to choose from

• Accessory holes on each side of the plate for added convenience


• Expensive at $139.99

• Plate loading horns are sold separately

• Weights not included

Who Should Buy

Should buy:

• Suitable for any type of training, from weightlifting to calisthenics

• Heavy-duty steel construction provides solid support for any type of workout

• Includes two grip handles, making it easier to control range of motion while performing exercises

Should not buy:

• Not ideal for beginners, as it requires advanced stability and mobility

• Not suited for home gyms due to its bulky size

• Requires a high-end power rack for installation, which adds to the overall cost


- Made from 10Ga. steel

- 1/4" x 6" x 2-1/2" Slot

- Available in 22" or 24" length

- Comes with holes for mounting 3/4" Unistrut

- Flat back for easy installation

- Gloss black plum powder coat finish

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