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Lowered J-Cups

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Lowered J-Cups

Rep Fitness Lowered J-Cups are designed to provide a secure surface for attaching safety spotter arms to a power rack. Constructed entirely from laser-cut 11 gauage steel, these cups are designed to provide a safe and reliable solution to mounting your rack's spotter arms. The low profile design makes them easy to maneuver around when positioning the spotter arms and the underhooks. They feature a 2 inch 8-hole pattern per side with a symmetrical shape to provide strong and stable support when attached to the rack. The hardened zinc plating increases the strength of the steel with a vibrant finish. The raised lip also helps to ensure that the spotter arms are securely held in place while in use. These Lowered J-Cups are designed to work with most power racks from Rep Fitness but can also be used with other brands.


Pros & Cons


• Compatible with all power rack models

• Fits most Olympic weight plates

- Durable steel Construction

• Angled ends create a secure fit with standard J-Hooks

• Easy to install


• Expensive

• Limited color options

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those seeking improved performance as well as safety during squats

• Individuals wanting protection for their squat rack or power rack

• Lifters who value the customization of their set-up

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those who have short-term or casual use of squat racks

• Individuals with a tight budget

• Individuals with an already-established home set-up that does not require additional components


• Can be used for both squats and benches

ProductPriceWeight CapacityHeight RangeConstructions
Rep Lowered J-Cups$149.991,000lbs0"-2"Laser-cut Steel
Shivvers J-Cups$89.991,000lbs0"-2"5mm Steel
PowerLift J-Cups$119.991,000lbs1.5"-3.5"7-Gauge Steel
Titan J-Cups$59.991,000lbs0"-2"3.5mm Steel
Fitness Reality J-Cups$29.99900lbs1"-3"3mm Steel

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