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Open Row Cable Attachment

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Open Row Cable Attachment

The Open Row attachment from Rep Fitness is a high-quality gym accessory that helps to strengthen and tone a variety of different muscle groups. This versatile fitness tool is designed for use with a range of compatible gym equipment, including commercial and home workout rigs, cable cages, power racks, and Smith machines. The Open Row attachment is a lightweight and durable steel construction that provides a solid and secure grip to the compatible equipment. Rep Fitness has designed the Open Row with thick handles to ensure stable and comfortable grip while performing exercises. The handles also feature a thick rubberized grip, giving users maximum control while working out. This ergonomic design helps prevent slips and falls while exercising. This robust machine comes with two adjustable columns, each featuring two reinforced joints cable pulleys. This allows users to switch up their workout regime and increase the intensity of their workouts. The range of motion is also adjustable, allowing users to perform seated, prone, or standing rows. The Open Row is also compatible with a range of accessories such as weight plates, barbells, and resistance bands. The Open Row is an ideal gym accessory for beginner and intermediate gym-goers, allowing them to build full-body strength and power. The versatility of this machine also makes it appealing to advanced athletes, providing endless opportunities for challenging and effective workouts.


Pros & Cons


• Compact design allows for use in a small space

• Smooth exercise motion allows for efficient use of time and energy

• Comfortable ergonomic design helps reduce user fatigue and injury

• Long lasting quality Construction with a 5-year warranty

• Adjustable levels of resistance for custom workouts

• Cost-effective and affordable


• Limited exercise range compared to other rowers

• Limited multi-function display options

• Resistance may not be suitable for very advanced users

• Assembly is required which adds to overall cost and time before use

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

- Good quality design

- High strength material

- Comfortable seating

- Low cost

Should Not Buy:

- Not designed for intensive use

- Not adjustable for different levels of fitness

- Not suitable for large weights/dynamic exercises

- Limited warranty

- Not compatible with all racks/benches


• Designed for a single-row cable attachment

• Comprised of high-impact steel

• Dimensions of 75mm x 55mm

• Red, powder-coated finish

• Smooth, contoured handle

• Weight of 42lbs (19.05kg)

Rep Open Row Cable AttachmentBody Solid Leverage RowTitan Fitness Power RowValor Fitness CB-12 Plate Loaded Row
Handle TypeStraight/RoundStraight/RoundStraight/RoundStraight/Round
Resistance MechanismWeight PlatesWeight PlatesDirect DriveWeight Plates
Max Weight CapacityN/A300 lbs500 lbs300 lbs
Weight28 lbs103 lbs108 lbs77 lbs
Dimensions39.5" x 13"43" x 29" x 36"48" x 24" x 36"42" x 35" x 48"

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