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Open Trap Bar Handles

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Open Trap Bar Handles

The open trap bar handles from Rep Fitness are constructed from solid steel and are designed to take even the heaviest of loads. These handles are 12.5" in length and come with knurled handles for a secure grip when working out. The handles are powder-coated in black with textured sections for a reinforced grip. These trap bar handles also feature durable clamps and a stopper plate to ensure your equipment is held tightly together. They are compatible with all of Rep Fitness' trap bars and can be used to perform trap bar deadlifts, farmer's carries, bent over rows and more. With an impressive 3,200 lbs capacity, the open trap bar handles from Rep Fitness have the strength to handle any workout routine you can throw at them.

  • Open Trap Bar Handles - Narrow

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  • Open Trap Bar Handles - Standard

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  • Open Trap Bar Handles - Wide

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  • Open Trap Bar Handles - Rotating

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Pros & Cons


• Compatible with Olympic and Power Bar options

• Versatile for a range of power lifting exercises

• Offsets your grip angle for increased comfort

• Made from High Strength Steel for durability

• Fully Welded Handles ensure a secure grip

• Coated with a black powder coating for looks and durability


• Not as affordable as other trap bar options

• Not designed for heavy/power lifting exercises

• May not be compatible with all bars

Who Should Buy

🔹 Who Should Buy:

- CrossFit athletes

- Weightlifters

- Powerlifters

- Athletes looking to increase strength and power

🔹 Who Should Not Buy:

- Pilates enthusiasts

- Casual gym goers looking for a low impact exercise routine

- People new to strength training, who may need advice on which type of bar to buy


• Handle Length: 50”

• Handle Diameter: 25mm

• Sleeve Diameter: 50mm

• Loadable Sleeve Length: 12.5”

• Sleeve Construction: Solid Steel

• Grips: Wide Knurled No-Slip

• Finish: Black Zinc Plated

Bearing CapacityWeightBar Length
700 lbs41 lbs78 in
1000 lbs43 lbs78 in
900 lbs66 lbs60 in
700 lbs41 lbs51 in
1000 lbs49 lbs60 in

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