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Round Sandwich J-Cups

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Round Sandwich J-Cups

Rep Fitness' Round Sandwich J-cups are an innovative solution for any weightlifting enthusiast looking for a professionally designed, high quality, and versatile set of brackets for their versatile barbells. Made from high-grade, protective plastic, this set of Round Sandwich J-cups are designed to hold Olympic, powerlifting, and Technique bars securely with minimal wear and tear. Each bracket is able to safely hold in the barbell with their dual cam-locking mechanisms, seated on a dual-lock strip along the cup to ensure that the weight is safely secured when in use. The plastic sleeves are evenly spaced to reduce wear and tear on the bars and to prevent accidental damage. The bracket is designed to easily and quickly hold any Olympic, powerlifting, or Technique bar, without needing to worry about whether you have the correct bar or not. Additionally, the bars are given an extra layer of protection from wear and tear thanks to a protective rubber-coated surface that is designed to reduce vibrations and to protect the barbell from rough or abrasive surfaces. With these Round Sandwich J-cups, you can rest assured that your barbells are secure, both during and after use. So whether you're an Olympic lifter or a powerlifter, you can trust Rep Fitness to provide you with a professional and reliable set of brackets that are sure to last.


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Pros & Cons


• Made of hardened steel for added durability

• Features stainless steel bolts

• Easy to install design

• Lightweight and compact

• Bolts come with protective caps

• Compatible with most Olympic bars


• Prone to rusting due to the steel material

• Can damage flooring or surfaces due to steel screws

• May not be compatible with all Olympic bars

Who Should Buy

People who should buy https://repfitness.com/products/round-sandwich-j-cups are those who need to secure a round j-cup to hold Olympic and Specialty bars in place on their gym racks or squat stands. People who should not buy https://repfitness.com/products/round-sandwich-j-cups are those who do not need such specialized equipment.


• Made of heavy-duty steel for durability

• Hold Rubber or Iron plates securely

• Large diameter pin ensures a secure fit

• Designed to fit 2x3” uprights

• Black powder coating for extra corrosion resistance

Cup Volume (fl oz)Cups Per Bag
Cup Volume (fl oz)Cups Per Bag

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