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Rubber Coated Olympic Plate Sets

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Rubber Coated Olympic Plate Sets

Rep Fitness' rubber-coated Olympic plate sets can help with a variety of weight training exercises, such as squats and deadlifts. The set features durable rubber-coated iron plates of various sizes, allowing the wearer to adjust the weight load as desired. The rubber coating ensures the plates won't slide, eliminating the need for safety pins, while the raised lettering provides athletes with an easy way to identify the weight of each plate. The sets also come with two Olympic barbells, two sets of Olympic collars, and two sets of chromed, spring collars. The rubber coating ensures your floors or equipment won't be marred by weight plates, making them a great choice for home use. They are also well-suited for commercial gyms and other fitness facilities. The sets are much less prone to rust, making them an ideal option for use in humid environments. Finally, each plate is easily identifiable and has a consistent shape, making them easy to stack and store. Rep Fitness' rubber-coated Olympic plate sets provide a safe and reliable way to stay active and challenge yourself in the gym.

  • Rubber Coated Olympic Plate Sets - 175lb Set

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  • Rubber Coated Olympic Plate Sets - 245lb Set

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  • Rubber Coated Olympic Plate Sets - 265lb Set

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  • Rubber Coated Olympic Plate Sets - 335lb Set

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  • Rubber Coated Olympic Plate Sets - 355lb Set

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  • Rubber Coated Olympic Plate Sets - 425lb Set

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Pros & Cons


• High-quality Construction that can withstand frequent use

• Rubber coating for increased protection against floor scratches, sliding, and noise reduction

• Available in multiple weight sets for added convenience

• Professional grade plates used by gym goers, athletes, and other fitness professionals


• Can be more expensive than other materials such as cast iron plates

• Weights are sold in sets and cannot be purchased individually

• Rubber coating can cause chalk residue to build up over time, which may require more frequent maintenance

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• High quality rubber coating for longevity and durability

• Variety of colors available to match any gym setting

• Versatile design can be used for Olympic and functional fitness movements

Should Not Buy:

• Cost might be prohibitive for some users

• Please be aware of possible shipping costs or delayed delivery time


-Made of a rubber composite -Crafted from premium grade iron -Multi-grip designs -Free weights available from 2.5 lb to 45 lb plates -Compatible with Olympic standard 2” bars -Gray, magnetic-resistant coating -Visible black lettering for weight recognition -Coated to protect body and floor from impact -Raised outer edges and inner beveled lip to keep plate securely in place

Rep Rubber Coated Olympic Plate SetvariesRubber coated50.4 mmBlack
Olympic Rubber Bumper Plate Set by XTraining EquipmentvariesRubber50.4 mmBlack
Troy OSK 8-Sided PlatevariesVirtecast50.4 mmBlack
XMark XM-3377-285 45 lb Olympic Bumper Plate45 lbUrethane50.4 mmWhite & Black
Hampton 25 lb Adjustable Bumper Plates25 lbUrethane50.4 mmBlack & Blue

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