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Trap Bar

The Trap Bar by Rep Fitness is an easy to use strength training tool aimed at helping users become bigger, faster, and stronger. It is made with high-quality steel to provide a solid foundation and is finished with a durable baking powder coating. The unique shape of the bar ensures optimal comfort and a secure grip during lifts. The bar features raised handles and knurling in the middle of the bar to provide extra support when the user is lifting heavier weights. The bar is available in two weight sizes: 45 lbs and 68 lbs. The Trap Bar is a great tool for improving lifting technique and allowing users to target a variety of muscles with one exercise. It is suitable for a range of strength training movements, such as deadlifts, shrugs, presses, rows, and squats - both with and without weight. The bar works well when performing Olympic lifts, making it a great choice for those looking to build technique. The bar is suitable for use in both the home and commercial gym environments. It is strong and durable, and the crafted metal construction ensures it will continue to stand up to repeated use. The design is also compact enough for even the smallest of spaces, meaning you can use it wherever you like. With both sizes of the Trap Bar available, users can choose the weight size that best suits their individual needs. In short, Rep Fitness’ Trap Bar is a great tool for serious strength-training athletes. It is reliable, robust, engineered with attention to detail, and offers a range of exercisable options. With two weight sizes, users can choose the bar that best fits their workout needs.


Pros & Cons


• Heavy Duty Steel Construction - Built for lifting and durability

• Multi-Grip Handles - Allows for varied grip positions and exercises

• Raised Sides and Neck - Provides stabilization and improved form when lifting

• Versatile - Perfect for Olympic lifts, powerlifting, and strength training

• Compact Size - Compact size allows you to use it in limited spaces


• Heavy - Weighs over 80 pounds, making it too heavy for some to lift

• Expensive - With a price tag around $400, it may be unaffordable for some

• Not Suitable for All Exercises - Not suitable for all exercises as it does not provide isolation like other equipment or machines available

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

- Those who are interested in a multi-purpose piece of equipment

- Weightlifters who require a high-quality trap bar

- People who prioritize durability and the ability to handle heavy loads

Who Should Not Buy:

- Those who already have a trap bar they are satisfied with

- Those who don't need a multi-purpose piece of equipment

- Those who don't have the budget for such an expensive piece of equipment


-Made of solid steel for durable strength

-Compatible with standard weight plates and two Olympic collars

-Sturdy design with line-cut finish

-Knurled handles for a comfortable, safe grip

-Compact design for easy storage

-Overall length: 29.5"

-Overall weight: 28 lbs

-Handle length: 17"

-Inner sleeve length: 11"

-Cross bar length: 24"

-Handle Diameter: 1-1/4"

-Sleeve diameter: 2"

Rep Trap BarSimilar Product 1Similar Product 2Similar Product 3
500 lb Weight Capacity350 lb Capacity385 lb Capacity420 lb Capacity
Metallic Black FinishBlack FinishMetallic FinishMatte Finish
Maximum Elevation: 4”4” Elevation3” Elevation3.75” Elevation
Knurled HandlesKnurled HandlesKnurled HandlesSmooth Handles

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