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Locomotive Wheels

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Locomotive Wheels

The 35 Wagon Wheels from Surplus Strength are designed for fitness and fitness accessories. The wheels' cast iron construction ensures maximum durability and strength, yet still remains lightweight for easy transportation. The wheels are designed to smoothly roll for a smooth, comfortable workout. With adjustable axle positions that can be adapted to different exercises, these wheels can be used for multiple fitness uses. The axle has an inner diameter of 8mm, and is secured with a lock nut, making it easy to replace or adjust. The wheels have a double-sealed bearing system, which provides a smooth, low-friction operation. This makes the wheels ideal for both walking and running exercises. The set also includes non-slip grips on the handle and outside, providing additional support and stability while working out. The large 35” diameter provides excellent stability and the chrome finish gives an attractive look. With a great design and excellent value, these wagon wheels can be used for a variety of fitness purposes.


Pros & Cons


• Durable design

• Easy to install

• Lightweight and portable

• Inexpensive

• Suitable for a variety of applications


• Can be cumbersome to transport without the right sized vehicle

• Limited usage on off-road terrain

• Not suitable for extreme aggressive activities such as sand surfing

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy This Product:

• People who are looking for a reliable and affordable home gym product

• People who prefer to have a piece of equipment with multiple uses

• People with limited space who need to maximize their workout experience

Who Should Not Buy This Product:

• People who want to focus on one particular form of training

• People who want to use heavier weights than the equipment can handle

• People who are looking for an expensive, high-end home gym product


- material: chrome-plated steel

- size: 14" diameter x 4" width

- weight: 425 lbs

- load capacity: 2,000 lbs

- height (from ground to wheel center): 20”

- hub bolt hole diameter: 1”

MaterialDiameterBearing SurfaceAxle HoleCompatibility
High-strength Steel Alloy253 mmDisc152mmMost Loudon Passenger Train Wheels
Steel Alloy246mmDisc150mmAsterix Train
Magnesium Alloy262mmDisc155mmUnion Pacific Train
High-strength Steel Alloy245mmRing145mmHigh Speed German Train

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