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Preacher Pad

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Preacher Pad

Surplus Strength's AbMat Preacher Pad is a high-quality foam accessory designed to increase the comfort of your sit-ups and ab workouts. This preacher pad is made from high-density foam and upholstered with durable, soft vinyl. It features an ergonomic design that provides superior cushioning and distributes bodyweight over the length of the pad, making it ideal for long endurance and high-intensity exercise sessions. The thick, firm foam core provides excellent support while the rounded edges prevent discomfort or fatigue during extended usage. The versatile design fits most preacher curl benches and ab rollers. Plus, the pad is easy to store and transport. With the AbMat Preacher Pad, you get the added comfort and support you need to enhance your workout and make the most out of your ab exercises.


Pros & Cons


• Soft cushion to prevent discomfort while lifting

• Multiple options with different degrees of firmness

• Sturdy and durable

• Improves form while performing abdominal lifts

• Lightweight and easy to store


• More expensive than basic bench pads

• Certain surfaces may cause slipping during lifts

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

-Reinforces good form on bicep curls and tricep press

-Excellent for post-injury workouts that require support

-High quality and stability

-Easy to install and use

Should Not Buy:

-Inexperienced exercisers, as incorrect form can lead to injury

-People with limited space, as this product is quite bulky

-Anyone on a very tight budget, as it is a costly piece of equipment


-Made from Heavy-duty riveted steel

-Preacher pad made of PU Leather

-Height adjustable arms

-Can fit any type of preacher curl

-Angled box design to fit any bench

-Easy adjustment knob on back of head rest

-Comfortable 4" thick cushion for elbow support

-Black powder-coated finish

-Weighs 18 lbs (8 kg)

-Product Dimensions: 24” (L) x 9.75” (H) x 7.50” (W)

Preacher PadPreacher Pad 2Preacher Pad 3Preacher Pad 4
Height: 9"Height: 10"Height: 10"Height: 10"
Width: 11"Width: 8"Width: 11"Width: 11"
Construction: SteelConstruction: SteelConstruction: SteelConstruction: Steel
Weight Capacity: 450lbsWeight Capacity: 500lbsWeight Capacity: 400lbsWeight Capacity: 500lbs

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