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Breath Belt

The Breath Belt from Surplus Strength is a lightweight and adjustable elastic belt specifically designed to optimize breathing during rigorous exercise, helping to increase breathing intensity and increase strength. With an ergonomic design and adjustable straps to provide a custom fit, the Breath Belt can help you reach new levels of performance and power while providing extra support and stabilization to protect your core. The belt is constructed from high-quality materials to provide a sturdy, yet flexible hold that is both comfortable and supportive. The belt also features breathable mesh on the back of the belt, promoting airflow and preventing overheating for superior comfort. With its slim, low profile, the Breath belt is ideal for all types of activities, whether it be running, weightlifting, cycling, or any other exercise. With its adjustable straps and multiple sizes to choose from, the Breath Belt is sure to provide you with the perfect fit to help you reach new heights and go the extra mile.


Pros & Cons


• Adjustable belt with four intermittent straps to support your core

• Made from reinforced neoprene fabric for durability

• Lightweight and comfortable to wear

• Includes an air flow mesh window for improved breathability

• May help with proper abdominal and back support during exercise


• Expensive in comparison to other core supports

• Not suitable for larger abdominal sizes

• Not manufactured from eco-friendly materials

• May not provide additional support when running

• Not one-size-fits-all

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy the BreathBelt:

• Asthmatics who have difficulty breathing due to reduced lung capacity

• Individuals with chronic breathing difficulties such as COPD

• Anyone trying to improve their respiratory system

• People who participate in cardiovascular activities

Who Should Not Buy the BreathBelt:

• Children who have not yet developed good breathing techniques

• Individuals with weak immune systems

• People who have underlying heart or lung conditions

• Individuals with severe allergies


-One size fits all

-Ergonomically designed belt that fits comfortable

-Soft and lightweight neoprene construction

-Sternal pad to ensure proper placement

-High-resistance, contouring airflow mesh to help ensure breathability

-Built-in elastic cords to support the desired amount of tension

-Anti-slip grip strips to reduce slippage

-Compact design for easy storage and portability

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