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Hybrid Athletics 360° Barbell Brush (Steel)

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Hybrid Athletics 360° Barbell Brush (Steel)

The Hybrid Athletics 360 Barbell Brush with Steel Bristles is a premium barbell cleaning tool designed to keep barbells clean and in optimal condition. This brush is designed to reduce the build-up of metal shavings, dust, chalk, and sweat that can accumulate on a barbell over time. It features extra-tough steel bristles that help to remove stubborn buildup and ensure it won’t scratch the bar. The ergonomic shape of the brush ensures that it can get into tight spaces and reach deep into any knurling without damaging the bar’s surface. The brush also has a soft grip handle for comfortable use, and it’s non-slip for better control. The Hybrid Athletics 360 Barbell Brush with Steel Bristles is the perfect tool to help keep your barbells clean and in prime condition.


Pros & Cons


• Durable steel bristles with a non-flexible design

• The reinforced base offers strength and stability

• The lightweight design makes it easy to use

• The ergonomic handle helps reduce strain on your wrist

• Can be used for a variety of barbell exercises

• Easy to clean and dry


• The steel bristles might feel abrasive on delicate skin

• It is only designed for barbells

• The handle might not be comfortable for individuals with larger hands

• It’s more expensive than some other brands

Who Should Buy

Who should buy:

• Those who need a quality barbell brush.

• Those who want steel bristles for scrubbing plates.

• Those wanting a brush that can reach tight places of barbells.

Who should not buy:

• Those who are not in need of a barbell brush.

• Those wanting nylon bristles on the brush.

• Those wanting a brush with plastic bristles.


- 7-foot Olympic Barbell

- Made from high-grade steel

- Sleeved with a durable composite material for reduced wear and tear

- Knurled with Texas Power Bar hybrid pattern for optimum control

- Sleeved length of 49"

- Sleeved diameter is 2"

- Loadable sleeve length of 16"

- 1500 lb. capacity tested

- Dual knurl marks for Olympic and Power lifts

- Black oxide finish for corrosion resistance

ProductDimensionsHandle MaterialBristle MaterialPrice
Texas Power Bars Hybrid Athletics 360° Barbell Brush (Steel)20" x 10.2”SteelSteel$19.95
Gorilla Fitness Black Barbell Brush22” x 6”SteelNylon$12.99
Runner Nutritions Barbell Brush18.9” x 8.3”PlasticNylon$14.99
Ebulliton Athletic Barbell Cleaner Brush19.5” x 7.5”PlasticNylon$8.99

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